Game Of Thrones Fans Angry With Major Plot Hole In Finale


Every day there seems to be another complaint about the last season of Game of Thrones. Whether it's a misplaced coffee cup/water bottle or bad lighting, the show's makers can't seem to get anything right.

Well, fans have now pointed out yet another issue with the final episode of the hit fantasy drama, and it's actually quite a big one.

The final episode of season eight - and the last ever - saw characters dealing with the fallout of Daenerys Targaryen's fiery temper from last week as she burnt King's Landing, and everyone in it, to a crisp.

Fans weren't pleased with how easily Tyrion found the bodies of Jaime and Cersei. Credit: HBO
Fans weren't pleased with how easily Tyrion found the bodies of Jaime and Cersei. Credit: HBO

Two of those who didn't make it out were siblings/lovers Jaime and Cersei Lannister, who died in the ruins of the Red Keep as they tried to escape.

This week a broken Tyrion stumbled across the corpses of his siblings, but some viewers were quick to ask one thing - if Tyrion was able to walk into the tunnels so easily, why didn't Jaime and Cersei escape?

One confused fan took to Twitter, asking: "So you're telling me Jaime and Cersei could have stood 30 feet to the left and survived?"

And it turns out they weren't alone, with plenty more GOT nuts questioning the same thing.

A second person commented: "LOL I had that same thought...I know he's just a wee fella, but they couldn't get out, and he walked right in??"

A third put: "Man I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that."

"I yelled the same thing at my TV lol," wrote another.

One fan chimed in on Facebook with: "So basically what you're saying is Jaime and Cersei could have lived if they'd moved 10 feet to the right?"

But it wasn't just the logistics of their death that had people talking. Some were more shocked at how well they looked, given the fact they had been crushed to death by a castle.

One fan wrote: "Not to mention that their faces and bodies are FULLY INTACT. WTF?"

While another joked: "Even dead, crushed by KL masonry, Jaime still looked fit. So did #Cersei to be fair. No wonder he cried, I would've."

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