Game Of Thrones Fans Have Spotted More Blunders Throughout The Series

After the folks who make Game of Thrones managed to film a scene in the latest episode with a takeaway coffee cup sat on one of the tables, fans have now started to point out a few other blunders that they've spotted over they years.

With that in mind, let's run through them together and laugh at how a show that brought us so much joy has managed to knacker up the job on a few occasions.

Cruel, but funny.

It all begins back in the very first episode, season one's 'Winter is Coming'. In that episode we can see a bloke who is wearing jeans, boots and what appears to be a Patagonia jacket.

A little out of place in Westeros... Credit: HBO
A little out of place in Westeros... Credit: HBO

It's a strong look, but not one necessarily suited to a medieval fantasy kingdom.

Flash forward to season two and fans spotted props disappearing, moving about, and generally not staying where they were intended to be in an episode entitled 'The Price of Winterfell'.

Now, this is a fantasy world of dragons and magic, but they surely haven't managed to invent magic napkins, have they? In that episode they certainly had one. It is seen tucked into Tyrion's armour, then on the table, then his lap, then finally back in the armour.

Just roaming around, checking for spillages, perhaps?

Tyrion's magic napkin. Credit: HBO
Tyrion's magic napkin. Credit: HBO

For all its magic and might, the world of Westeros has yet to harness the power of electricity.

Or has it?

In 'Mother's Mercy' - season five - Stannis Baratheon is lying next to a tree dying. Did you spot the electrical power pack dangling by his outstretched leg, though?

Stannis just needs to recharge for a couple of hours. Credit: HBO
Stannis just needs to recharge for a couple of hours. Credit: HBO

Perhaps he was the true king after all. He's invented corded power for the people.

As any true Thrones fan knows, Jon Snow wields the might Valyrian steel blade called Longclaw. Well, that is except for in one scene during the (admittedly, otherwise fantastic) 'Battle of the Bastards' of season six.

Bendy Valyrian steel. Credit: HBO
Bendy Valyrian steel. Credit: HBO

Jon appears to have been given a rubber sword at that point, as we could see it whipping around and wobbling like a liquorice bootlace.

There's more - when Jon Snow awakes from the dead in season six, a huge scar on his face mysteriously disappears.

Scar there, scar gone... Credit: HBO
Scar there, scar gone... Credit: HBO

While we can make the leap of faith needed to believe the Lord of Light brought him back, it's more difficult to believe that he would have been focused on the scar on his face rather than the huge stab wounds in his chest.

Of course, when you make a show on this scale and with this many seasons, you're going to slip up from time to time. It's best to just enjoy it and not look for the things that drag you away from the experience.

However, afterwards, it is good fun.

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Game of Thrones continues on Sky Atlantic on Monday 13 May at 2am, then repeats at 9pm for viewers in the UK.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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