Game Of Thrones Fans Think Jon Snow Will Die In The Last Episode


Right then, as the dust settles on King's Landing following the dramatic - and controversial - events of the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, the finish line is in sight.

We've got one more episode, significantly fewer characters, and we're going to find out once and for all who - if anyone - is going to win the game outright.

Whilst we lost some significant players, there are still a few names in the hat.

Tyrion Lannister is still going. Obviously Daenerys Targaryen is the person to beat. Jon Snow keeps plodding along like the gormless Labrador that he is.

Is Jon about to bite the bullet? Credit: HBO
Is Jon about to bite the bullet? Credit: HBO

However, there is a growing number of people who think that - rather than end up taking the top job, regardless of whether he wants it or not - Jon Snow could be about to bite the dust.

Bear with us on this one.

You'll remember all the way back when Jon was stabbed up by his fellow Night's Watch brothers? Well, he was brought back to life after a while by the Red Woman, Melisandre.

That was because the 'Lord of Light' - or whatever that/he is - brought him back to fulfil a purpose.

The Lord of Light doesn't mess about. Credit: HBO
The Lord of Light doesn't mess about. Credit: HBO

Now, the theory goes that once the Lord of Light is done with you, your purpose is ended and you die. Melisandre wasted away into a shrivelled naked heap, Beric Dondarrion got absolutely knackered in by the army of the dead, you can start to form a picture.

It all depends, then, on what you think Jon Snow's actual point is.

If his purpose was to unite (nearly) everyone against the Night King and defeat him, mission accomplished. That means he's ready for the pot. Finished.

However, if his destiny was to stop the Mad Queen from destroying all that is left after the war then he's still got a way to go.

Yeah, she's gone guys. Credit: HBO
Yeah, she's gone guys. Credit: HBO

Jon will surely have to have a crack at Dany at some point though, won't he? Once that is done will he be incinerated by a dragon or some other horrendous fate because his race will effectively be run?

As with just about everything on this show, it's tough to predict. We will just have to bite our collective tongue and wait until next Monday, when the final - yes, final - episode of Game of Thrones ever will air.

Is Jon's purpose done? Who is going to take the Iron Throne? Will Daenerys just burn them all to a crisp?

Tell us what you reckon on Facebook at Game of Thrones: Westeros Posting.

The last ever episode of Game of Thrones will air on Sky Atlantic at 2am on Monday 20 May. The episode will then be repeated at 9pm that same day.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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