Game Of Thrones Fans Think Varys Tried To Poison Daenerys Targaryen


With everything that has been happening as we wind up for the grand finale of Game of Thrones next week, it would be easy to have missed some of the more subtle implications - yes, there have been some - in each episode.

For example, among all of the madness and the death of the season's fifth episode - titled 'The Bells' - last week, there was some stuff happening earlier on that might have passed some folks by.

Lord Varys - yes, remember him? - had a conversation during the first few minutes of the episode with a young girl acting as (presumably) one of his spies. In that conversation he was filled in on whether or not the Queen - Daenerys Targaryen - was eating or not.

Now, why should Varys care about any of that? Well, it has been pretty strongly hinted that he may have been trying to poison the soon-to-be Mad Queen before she became capable of... well, we all saw what she became capable of.

First off, the wee girl seemed pretty worried about something. It almost definitely wasn't the nutritional health of the Mother of Dragons.

She seemed to think that her soldiers were watching her. Of course they were, that's their job.

But why would they be keeping such a keen eye on her, unless she was up to something?


Lord Varys, we hardly knew ye... Credit: HBO
Lord Varys, we hardly knew ye... Credit: HBO

Furthermore, this theory goes back even further than you might initially think. All the way back to the first ever season, in fact.

When Ned Stark discovered that his mentor and friend Jon Arryn had been poisoned, he had a conversation with Grand Maester Pycelle about how poison is 'a woman's weapon'.

Pycelle responded by saying: "Yes. Women, cravens and eunuchs."

He then added that Lord Varys was a eunuch. The plot thickens.

Oh, and did you spot him taking off his rings before he was taken?

We've seen jewellery used to poison people before, too. Olenna Tyrell used Sansa's necklace to poison Joffrey Baratheon ages back at the so-called 'Purple Wedding'.

Was Varys up to a similar tactic? We may never find out, given that he was subsequently sautéed by Drogon - the first of many to get that particular treatment.

Shit really got out of hand... Credit: HBO
Shit really got out of hand... Credit: HBO

However, the poison might still be there, as might the people capable of using it. We'll have to wait and see.

What do you reckon? Is Dany for it? Let us know at Game of Thrones: Westeros Posting on Facebook.

Game of Thrones concludes next Monday at 2am on Sky Atlantic, then will be repeated at 9pm later that same day.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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