Game Of Thrones' The Mountain Admits He's Used Steroids In The Past

The actor who plays Game of Thrones' 'The Mountain' - Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson - has admitted to taking performance enhancing steroids at points during his career.

The new series of GoT promises to bring some strange and shocking revelations. This story, however, isn't one of those. Imagine being told that a frankly gigantic man has taken steroids to make himself that massive.

It's hardly a 'Red Wedding' level of surprise, is it?

Anyway, Björnsson made the confession whilst talking to ESPN for the show E:60. When asked if he'd ever used steroids, he said: "Yes, I have."

Well, how did you think he got this big? Credit: PA
Well, how did you think he got this big? Credit: PA

He continued: "When you want to be the best, you do whatever it takes."

True, but the official World's Strongest Man competition bans any competitors for taking performance enhancers of any kind.

Hey, perhaps it was ages ago. He didn't say when it was, did he?

One thing is for certain, he doesn't like talking about it too much. When pressed further about whether he continues to use them, he said: "Can we just skip those questions?"

Fair enough, if 'The Mountain' says shut up about something, you shut up about it. The guy crushes people's skulls for a living, after all.

Well... not really, but he does lift very heavy things around and has hands big enough to do something like that, should he take a fancy to the idea.

He's got that look in his eye. Credit: PA
He's got that look in his eye. Credit: PA

During the rest of the interview he spoke about how he went from being a scrawny kid growing up in his native Iceland, who just wanted to play basketball professionally for a living, to a star of the small screen and professional strongman.

Hafþór said: "My dream was always to become a professional basketball player but that dream didn't go too far.

"I broke my ankle twice. I had to have bad surgeries that ended my career.

"In 2013 the Game of Thrones crew were filming in Iceland and they heard about this massive, muscular, handsome, big young guy.

"At first I got an email. I didn't have any acting experience and getting an email like that out of nowhere from Game of Thrones was like, 'Nah, that's not true, it's got to be bullshit.'

"So I didn't answer the email. A few days later I got a phone call and it was a man who asked if I wanted to audition for Game of Thrones. I obviously said, 'Yes. I don't know what I'm doing but yeah, let's try it.'"

'Game of Thrones' first episode aired last night. Credit: PA
'Game of Thrones' first episode aired last night. Credit: PA

So try it he did.

He continued: "They asked me to pick one guy up, to see if I was strong enough. I picked the man up over my head easily. They were very surprised: 'Woah, OK you're strong.'"

It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

"One of the main sword teachers in the show, I fought with him for a little bit with the sword," Hafþór added. "After about 10 minutes he said, 'You're the guy. You're the man we are looking for.'"

To be fair, they might just have been scared of him.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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