The New ‘Tomb Raider’ Movie Poster Is Weirding People Out

Remember the Tomb Raider movies? It's been more than 14 years since the world of cinema last saw badass adventurist-archaeologist Lara Croft, as she prevented another batch of potentially deadly ancient artefacts from winding up in the wrong hands.

Angelina Jolie starred as the leading lady in 2001 film and its 2003 sequel, based on the popular video game series. However, the role has now been inherited by Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl, Jason Bourne), who'll grace our screens next year for the franchise reboot.

Check out the trailer here.

Credit: Warner Bros. / MGM

It's expected to come out in March, but we've already been gifted with a trailer and a promotional poster. The trailer shows Lara's adventures in the movie will see her crisscrossing the globe, with some pretty intense adventure scenes to boot.

However, the poster has left a few people scratching their heads.

See anything strange?

It does look like your standard, action-adventure film poster with just the right amount of danger and intrigue to get audiences hyped. However, some eagle-eyed fans are worried about Alicia's neck.

The third instalment to the franchise has been long anticipated, with rumours of the film's development originally circulating back in 2009. Actor Olivia Wilde denied rumours that she had been tapped to play the role in 2011, and then there was another suggestion that the film could be released in 2013.

Alicia has a lot to live up to, considering the character has been an iconic part of the gaming world for more than two decades. Her predecessor, Angelina Jolie, acknowledged that it was a 'big responsibility' when she took on the role and developed anxiety when she became aware of fans' very high expectations.

Many people would associate Lara Croft with the famous physique she had in the games, but Jolie didn't try too hard to conform to those body proportions because she didn't want young girls to try and aspire to be like that. The first film absolutely banged at the Box Office despite some pretty horrific reviews from critics, pulling in $274.7 million (£202.3 million) worldwide.


The sequel was panned even more but still managed to rake in $156.5 million (£115.2 million).

Vikander's character will be largely based off the video game released five years earlier. The trailer shows her shipwrecked on an island, encountering bad guys and avoiding explosions. This aligns with the start of the 2013 game, where Lara is marooned on an island while trying to find the lost kingdom of Yamatai.

However, in next year's movie, the adventurer has to find a tomb called the Mother of Death, but she has to make sure that a group called Trinity doesn't get to it first. We'll have to wait and see whether the reboot lives up to expectations.

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Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. / MGM

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