Girl Perfectly Recreates The 'Love Island' Villa On 'The Sims'

If we added up the hours we've spent playing The Sims, it would probably equate to a good few weeks at the very least. All those late nights attempting to build the biggest, best house ('rosebud' cheat, anyone?)...

But it never occurred to us to try building the villa from Love Island - seems like a mammoth task, even for the most dedicated of fans overlapping on the Sims / reality dating show Venn diagram, and certainly one we wouldn't have felt up to taking on. Until now.

Well, meet someone who's dared to live that dream - 22-year-old Georgina Moulsdale has pulled it out of the bag after replicating the luxurious ITV villa.

Credit: EA
Credit: EA

The drama-fueled house has proven to be a talking point every year since the show was revived in 2015. There's a fitness area, an outside kitchen (which we're not massive fans of - insect central) and let's not forget the hideaway - which we've only got a sneaky glimpse of up to yet.

Now Georgina, from Eccleston, Merseyside, has decided to mirror all of those things as best she can and it took her seven hours - pretty damn impressive.

The graduate had a job interview in the morning (which she got - congrats) and then decided to celebrate in what could potentially be the most hilarious way ever.

That's 'Dr Alex George' getting in bed btw. Credit: EA / ITV2
That's 'Dr Alex George' getting in bed btw. Credit: EA / ITV2

Speaking to LADbible, Georgina said: "It took me about seven hours all in one go really, I'd had a job interview in the morning so I just wanted to chill. I really do love just building on The Sims - it's like being an architect.

"It's such an obsessive game, you go on just for a little bit and seven hours later you've designed the Love Island villa!

"The reason why I did this really was because my friend and I watch it religiously. We both play in a band so after rehearsals we'd talk about it and I joked about recreating Dr Alex on The Sims because she's in love with him. We created some of the cast and she said I should build the villa and I just thought, 'Why not?'"

Georgina first posted a picture of 'the villa' on Twitter which has now been liked by 26,000 people who are in awe of her dedication.

One person said: "This is fucking amazing and I appreciate it so so much. You're living the extra life I wish I was leading. An example to us all. I'm not even joking. I want your dedication."

Another added: "You are my world and my inspiration."

Georgina, who is a music teacher, explained that her masterpiece wasn't just thrown together, it was all about the small things.

She said: "I definitely payed attention to the little details, like the beanbags and the fire pit. I wanted to put into the build the parts of the villa I had seen on Love Island, so the kitchen was a big one because of the plants and grass on the walls.

Look at the day beds as well. Credit: The Sims
Look at the day beds as well. Credit: The Sims

"I adore the fairy lights that I put in, I think this is what makes it look so authentic, especially at night time. I've made the hide away but I had some artistic licensing when I built that as I haven't seen a lot of it.

"I put a bath in the bedroom and rose petals on the floor. And of course the shared bedroom with the alternative pink and blue beds. It's really down to the little details, I think."

Credit: Georgina Moulsdale/@dear_georgina
Credit: Georgina Moulsdale/@dear_georgina

We couldn't let Georgina go without asking her what she thought of this year's Love Island. She said: "I think this season is funny, I know a lot of people hate Adam but I love him, he just causes trouble and I think that's brilliant.

"My favourite couple is Jack and Danni - they're just goals, aren't they? I loved this villa from this year - the garden is so much prettier than previous years."

Keep doing your thing, Georgina, because everyone appreciates this work of art. And anybody not in agreement - you just don't know what's good for you.

Featured Image Credit: The Sims/Georgina Moulsdale/@dear_georgina

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd is a Journalist at LADbible. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a First Class BA in Journalism. Becky previously worked as Chief Reporter at Cavendish Press, supplying news and feature stories to national newspapers and women's magazines.

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