Gogglebox's Beryl Makes 'Posh Woman Sex Noises' Watching Britain's Got Talent

Gogglebox viewers were left shocked at Beryl's reaction to Britain's Got Talent when she started making what people have described as 'posh woman sex noises'.

Our Beryl was suitably amazed at the performance from the Vardanyan Brothers - who gave what has been descried as BGT's most dangerous audition.

The Armenian pair do a slow-mo balancing act where they use swords as props and balance on dangerous weapons... as you do.

The judges looked on as the tense performance unfolded, with the duo keeping the audience on tenterhooks with their death defying show.

Although it seems entirely unnecessary, it's an impressive sight to watch - as Beryl and her fella John found out.

But people were left feeling confused by Beryl's reaction when she watched them on Channel 4's Gogglebox.

The clip amazed Beryl, who exclaimed: "Oh wow," before making some more of those noises.

After what feels like a lifetime of gross, she turns to John, who was sat there quietly through the whole thing, and asks him: "How do they do that?"

Adding: "Oh, they are stars, they have to win."

Now, in all fairness the fact that this innocent expression of amazement seems so... wrong, probably says more about us than poor Beryl, but it didn't stop people from getting straight on to Twitter to share their disgust.

It wasn't all fun and games though (if you can call it that), as last night's Gogglebox also saw the reactions of the stars of the show to new Netflix series, Our Planet.

The nature documentary has really tugged at the heartstrings this week with its horrifying scenes. One of the biggest shocks in the first episode saw a walrus lose its life in a brutal fall from the top of a cliff.

The poor walrus, whose body has evolved to move round the Arctic ice, had pulled itself up on to dry land. Thanks to the effects of climate change, the ice it's designed to live on has melted, and so in an attempt to get back into the sea, the animal instead falls down the 80-meter cliff, hitting a few rock ledges before appearing to belly flop into the sea.

Some of the Goggleboxers broke down in tears as they watched the harrowing footage.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward is a journalist at LADbible. She studied Multimedia Journalism at the University of Salford, before going on to work in music PR. She has also written for the M.E.N Group and various other publications.

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