HBO To Launch Interactive Mini-Series Which Lets Viewers 'Choose Their Own Adventure'

The way we watch and interact with TV could be about to change forever thanks to Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh's latest project Mosaic.

Created by HBO and starring Sharon Stone and Garrett Hedlund, the series is a murder mystery tale with a unique twist.
Uniquely, The twist is not in how the story unfolds, but how the story is told.

Soderbergh told the Verge; "It's not a TV show, and it's not a movie. It's something else."

Credit: HBO

What the Traffic and Logan Lucky director means is that, as of a few days ago, viewers can download an app to experience the show in a never-before-seen way.

After downloading the app, viewers can choose which perspective they watch the scenes in, and, depending on which viewpoint they choose, can get hold of some extra in-app clues such as emails, voicemails, and newspaper articles.

This innovative approach means that, even though the storyline is fixed, viewers can choose which plotlines and characters interest them the most.

Whilst Netflix has recently suggested a move towards 'Choose your own adventure' programmes, Mosaic is the first series of this kind to reach the general public.

Still, Soderbergh is keen to remind the viewer that he is still in charge, telling the Verge; "I didn't feel I was relinquishing control at all - it's a fixed universe. I get to determine when those choice moments occur, and how they occur. I get to choose what the discoveries are, and how they pop up."

The show's creators have kept the details of the story, a closely guarded secret, but the app is available on the iTunes store already and has been attracting rave reviews.

One five-star review said; "This might be my first or second review ever, which shows how much I appreciate this app (I've been with Apple from the beginning and my phone is loaded with apps). I know eventually, when this really takes off it will end up being a charge per show, and I understand (business is business).

"But I am very thankful to be at the front row test drive for this ground-breaking concept. I am a writer and can very much see this become the "new" form of storytelling. Looking forward to what comes next!"

Soderbergh's has previously experimented with the order in which his stories unfold in 1998's The Limey but without doubt, this is his most experimental and risky attempt to date.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

James Dawson

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