Hodor Has An Autobiography And It's A 'Beautiful, Heartbreaking, Funny' Read

Hodor was one of those lovable characters on Game of Thrones whose death hit harder than some care to admit.

He was gracious and incredibly helpful for Bran in his quest to seek out knowledge of the Three Eyed Raven.

It seems as though before he died, he managed to pen a lengthy autobiography that really gets to the heart and soul of who is Hodor.

For those of who are unaware of the sheer banter of this, Hodor is a character in Game of Thrones who only could say his name. He was actually able to speak normally but Bran warged into the past and mind-fucked with him (on accident he swears), rending the poor lad unable to say anything useful. Therefore the entire book simply just says Hodor lots.

If none of that made sense then I can't really help you.

The book, titled North From Winterfell: The autobiography of Hodor, is being flogged on Amazon for the low price of $15.

The synopsis is pretty funny: "For the first time ever Hodor tells his humble, yet harrowing tale in his own words.

"The great grandson of Old Nan, young Hodor (given name Wylis) began his career as a stablehand for the House Stark. Wylis often found himself overjoyed by basic things like presenting Bran with a new saddle, hearing the echo of his own voice in a well, or greeting one of the Stark direwolves.

"He is deeply loyal to the Starks, who have treated him very well, apart from the time Bran Stark destroyed his mind by warging into him as a child.

"Despite his large size and strength, Hodor is a gentle soul who is terrified by violence - even violence done by himself, as he often cowers in fear instead of fighting back against foes who are actually smaller than he is.

"Even so, his loyalty to the Starks is so great that he continued to follow (or rather, carry) Bran Stark through great dangers. Again, and I can't stress this enough, Hodor tells you all this and more IN HIS OWN WORDS."


While the sheer idea that the book is being sold at all is hilarious, the customer reviews take it up a notch.

There have been 27 people to review the autobiography, with 85 percent of them giving it a strong 5/5.

Some have called it 'beautiful, heartbreaking, funny', others have said it's 'an emotional roller coaster from start to finish', while some have been bold enough to say it's 'the best book I've ever bought'.

One person, who gave it a 1 star, said: "The book just says 'Hodor' again and again and again. It's like that time he was trying to hold the door, and then... OH WAIT NOW I GET IT."

Sounds like this is the perfect novel to relax and unwind with before the new Game of Thrones season gets underway.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

Stewart Perrie

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