Classic 90s Horror Film Candyman Might Be Getting A Reboot - With Get Out's Jordan Peele Rumoured

Candyman is one of the most underrated horror movies of all time.

Firstly, unlike say Nightmare on Elm Street, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Friday 13th, or Scream, or just about any film you can mention from the 80s/90s glut of slasher movies, it's actually scary.

Secondly, it's genuinely good: there's the Phillip Glass soundtrack, the strong performances that draw the best out of the source materials - Clive Barker's The Forbidden - and the social commentary that, let's face it, Nightmare on Elm Street and the others listed above didn't really have.

While every one of those classic slasher flicks spawned a litany of rubbish sequels (personal highlight: "I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer"), the recent vogue for reboots of classic horror films has so far avoided the most of them: until now.

We've heard about the upcoming new versions of Jacob's Ladder, The Grudge, The Fly and even The Blob - and now, you can add the Candyman to that list.


I mean, surely you just say "Candyman Remake" five times into a mirror and it appears, right?

Well, it turns out that it is a little more complicated to make a Hollywood movie than that, but where there is a will, there is a way.

Jordan Peele. Credit: Wikipedia
Jordan Peele. Credit: Wikipedia

The name attached to the project is that of Jordan Peele, director of Get Out - probably the best horror movie of recent years.

Horror news website Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Peele is looking to resurrect the franchise, more than 20 years since the last film.

"In poking around for a revival screening, I learned that the rights have become available once again," wrote horror insider and Bloody Disgusting co-founder Brad Miska.

"Tri-Star had released the first two films while Artisan was behind 1999's Day of the Dead.

"While I'm unsure who is the current rights holder - it may have reverted back to Clive Barker for all I know - I do know that Jordan Peele is in talks to produce a remake of the film through his Monkeypaw Productions.

"It's unclear if he plans to direct. Sounds sweets to the sweet to me."

Of course, this isn't the first time that the idea has been mooted. Original Candyman director Bernard Rose recently said that he'd love to revisit the franchise to direct what he called "a proper sequel".

"I would love to do the proper sequel," said Rose. "There are all sorts of reasons why it's never happened. I think it would be great, but of course unfortunately I don't control the rights, otherwise I would just do it."

He might get his chance yet.

Mike Wood

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