Incredible Story Of How Triplets Were Adopted By Different Families As An Experiment

There's an age-old theory when it comes to people's personalities: is it nature or nuture?

While there have been some studies into this idea, one experiment went further than most people would ever want to go.

In the 1980s, triplets Eddy, Bobby and David became famous virtually overnight for an incredible story that can't be made up. While they were all born from the same mum at the same time, they all grew up in different families.

But it wasn't chance that they were shipped off to different homes, it was part due to the adoption agency realising it would be harder to get someone to take all three and part of a study to see whether triplets would have similar personalities despite not growing up together.

Their mum was a teenager when she gave birth to them and after six months of raising them, she decided to send them off for adoption.

They ended up being a part of an experiment that had been conducted since the 1950s.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

Bobby went to 'workaholic' yet affluent parents, Eddy went to parents described as 'up-tight' and lower-middle class and David went to middle class parents who were quite affectionate.

They obviously grew up not know they were part of a three, but their long road to being reunited started when Bobby went to Sullivan County Community College in New York.

When he arrived, everyone seemed over familiar and one person kept calling him Eddy. People all around him were confused why this guy, who they all thought was Eddy, was now calling himself Bobby.

Turns out, Bobby had enrolled at the same community college that Eddy did, they were just one year apart. Not only that but Bobby even got Eddy's old room when he moved in.

One person told him that he must have a twin and after doing a bit of digging he found Eddy's number.

After they met up they realised they were both from the same adoption agency. Their story was shared in the local newspaper, which grabbed the attention of David, who looked at the pictures of these two lookalikes in shock.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

The story of the trio quickly went viral and they were asked to appear on TV talk shows and even appeared in Madonna's movie Desperately Seeking Susan.

They eventually opened up a restaurant called Triplets.

Sadly, Eddy killed himself after having a breakdown, leaving his two brothers devastated. Bobby said: "I wonder if I didn't teach him how to live life. I'd rather it had been me than Eddy."

David and Bobby, upon finding out they were part of an experiment were horrified and described feeling like 'lab rats'.

Their incredible story has been put together in a documentary on Hulu called Three Identical Strangers.

Featured Image Credit: Hulu

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