A Harrowing Deleted Scene From 'Titanic' Has Been Found

We've all seen Titanic, right? If you haven't, then you've probably had your head stuck in an iceberg for much of the previous 20 years. If you have seen it, you might be surprised to learn that there's a secret deleted scene, which has recently been unearthed and makes the film even more harrowing.

Credit: YouTube/Titanic/Fox

It seems amazing that it has been two whole decades since Leo DiCaprio drew Kate Winslet like one of his French girls, since they stood on the front bow of the ship in that iconic pose and since we all started discussing just why Jack didn't hang on for dear life on that bloody floating plank.

Titanic was epic in plenty of ways: at the time of release in December of 1997, it was the most expensive movie ever made, with director James Cameron going to insane lengths to make it possible, allowing the budget to balloon up to $200 million (£151m).

The shoot overran by a month, plenty of the cast got sick because of hours spent in a specially-constructed tank of freezing water and someone got so annoyed at Cameron that they spiked the crew's soup with PCP and sent 50 people (including Bill Paxton) to hospital. The result was a film that won 11 Oscars and made more money than any other in history, a record that would hold for 12 years until surpassed by Cameron again with Avatar in 2010.


Of all the plaudits that Titanic achieved, however, there was one major drawback: its length. Plenty thought that the three hour plus running time was way too long and James Cameron threatened to resign if Fox executives cut his baby at all.

Still, there were some edits and one has surfaced - pun intended - that is absolutely harrowing. Buzzfeed found an unseen full edit, without revisions, and included in it is a scene where Ismay - the callous, money-driven owner of the ship - is surveying the ranks of survivors, who are glaring at him. Into this walks Rose, wrapped in a tartan blanket, looking thoroughly distraught. It's moving in the extreme, and really hits home the guilt of the survivors and the ordeal that they had been through.

Credit: YouTube/Titanic/Fox

It's poignant and heart-breaking, piling on the point of the previous hour or so of the movie. Rarely for Titanic, it also casts the working class survivors from below decks in along with the upper-class characters on whom the majority of the movie focusses - the tragedy has made them all the same.

It still doesn't explain why Leo didn't climb up onto the floating piece of wood though. Come on boffins, sort that one out.

Source: Buzzfeed

Featured Image Credit: Titanic/Fox

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