Jeremy Kyle Guest Strips Trousers Off To Reveal Tattoo Of Host's Face

Jeremy Kyle has seen more than the majority of us, hasn't he? He's been caught in between more cheating scandals than we wish to imagine, has received abuse from the audience and anyone remember the bloke who chucked water-filled condoms at cats?

But today took things to a whole new level when one guest stood up, in front of her daughter and a host of cameramen, and removed her trousers to reveal a tattoo of Kyle's head on her thigh.

As her daughter shouted 'stop, no, mum, stop', Kaz took no prisoners as she whipped her kecks off in scenes that left us all cringing inside. NO KAZ.

Kaz was originally on the daytime ITV show to battle her pregnant daughter's 'violent' ex who she claimed had tried to seduce her.

As she branded her daughter's ex-boyfriend Dillon a 'cockwomble', Kaz claimed she was convinced that he fancies her and won't stop begging her for sexy snaps.

Dillon said that Kaz would walk around the house with a g-string on. To which Kaz replied: "You know what your problem is, you're scum of the Earth and I'm like L'Oréal because I'm worth it".

Wow, first cockwomble, now that. Why were we ever surprised with where this was going?

Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show
Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

The earlier conversation took a turn when she was derailed as Jezza asked about her inking - this was before the 'incident', you know, the one where she stripped.

As the tat flashed up on the TV screen, Kyle excitedly danced around the stage saying: "Yeeaaah, still got it!" Chill out, mate.

"Where is this shapely thing?" he asked, as Kaz rubbed the top of her right thigh telling him with a smile on her face: "You rock my world". Someone make it stop.

Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show
Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

Shortly after Kaz gave Jeremy and the rest of us an eyeful - viewers started commenting on what had happened.

One said: "#JeremyKyle that woman has to be the most sad desperate attention seeking mother ever on a TV show. A tattoo? You just used her for laughs".

Someone else added: "Did the guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show really just pull down her trousers, flash her boxers and show off her Jezza tattoo? And tried flirting with him? Oh my EYES are broken".

And a third commented: "Oh Jeremy Kyle you never fail to make me feel better about my own life."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

Rebecca Shepherd

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