Jeremy Kyle Took A Tumble While Chasing After A Guest Backstage

The Jeremy Kyle Show will always make you feel better or worse about your life, depending on your point of view. Now it looks like the talk show host is expanding his show to include slapstick comedy too.


Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

Jezza took a calamitous tumble to the floor on today's episode of the show after he made an ill-advised attempt to get a piggy-back from his security guard, even complaining he'd 'broken his wrist'.

The TV presenter had been trying to chase a runaway guest backstage after she legged it from the studio with an envelope containing DNA test results. You might call it 'stealing the show'. (Anyone? No? Pfft.)

The moment happened when 35-year-old Jon was on the show, accusing his fiancée Kelly of cheating on him and refusing to believe the pair's three kids were biologically his.

While Kelly admitted cheating on John, she stayed firm that their children were definitely his. Of course, there was only one way to find out the truth behind the matter: TEST!

Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show
Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

When it came to revealing the test results, though, Kelly promptly bottled it, leaping from her chair to grab the envelope containing the results from Jeremy before running with it backstage. Genius.

"Sorry, those are my envelopes and this is my show!" a stunned Jezza said, giving chase after Kelly down the corridor with the help of his security team.

After moaning about a sore throat all show, he clearly didn't have the energy to catch up, and started shouting for his security guard Dan to wait for him.

"Sorry Dan, I'm jumping on your back. Take me," the host declared before promptly misjudging his jump, falling off and ending up in a tragic heap on the floor. Comedy gold.

Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show
Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

To Jezza's credit, he got back up from the nasty spill quickly, although not without moaning that he'd definitely done himself a serious injury. Riiight.

"I have broken my wrist, I just fell off Dan's back," he said, resuming the chase. "I have a broken wrist and no voice."

People watching the show were obviously amused, taking to Twitter to revel in the hilarity:

Jeremy eventually managed to catch up and nab the results back off Kelly to reveal that Jon is indeed the dad of all three of Kelly's children.

The couple quickly settled their differences and decided to go ahead with their wedding after all.

It all turned out OK in the end then, didn't it? Well, except maybe for Jezza's wrist and lower back.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

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