Jodie Comer Says Killing Eve Fans Want Her To Strangle Them

She was the bloodthirsty assassin in BBC thriller Killing Eve, but actor Jodie Comer says some fans have become a little too obsessed with her character.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show, the 26-year-old (who plays the murderous Villanelle) revealed that when she meets her fans they are excited rather than scared.

The Liverpudlian said: "A lot of people just look at me in a 'is it her' sort of way, but recently I had a really strange one - a woman asked for a photograph with me and then she whispered in my ear, ''Will you strangle me?'"

With fans so gripped by her character and the series, Comer admitted there was a lot of pressure to get it right and not disappoint the millions who tuned in the first time around.

She explained: "There is a lot more pressure because of expectations and everyone is waiting on tenterhooks for it to come out, but once you start filming, you just have to put that to one side."

And though audiences in the United States have already had the chance to see the second season of the tense cat-and-mouse thriller, Brits will have to wait a little while longer to see what lies in store for Comer.

The actor says some fans have asked her to strangle them. Credit: PA
The actor says some fans have asked her to strangle them. Credit: PA

The second instalment is set to pick up exactly 36 seconds after the events of the season one finale, with an injured Villanelle on the run after an explosive confrontation with Eve - who's determined to find her before somebody else does.

In the trailer, we see Villanelle clambering out of a hospital bed, before walking down a quiet suburban street wearing a cartoon-themed onesie - clutching the side where Eve stabbed her.

Later, she's rooting around a drawer in someone's kitchen looking for a kitchen knife.

"What for?" someone off-camera asks her.

"To stab you with," Villanelle replies with a smile.

The second series of Killing Eve is expected to hit the UK this summer. Credit: BBC
The second series of Killing Eve is expected to hit the UK this summer. Credit: BBC

Eve, meanwhile, is on the prowl for the elusive Villanelle, and is still receiving those creepy gifts - this time it's a floral funeral tribute spelling out her name.

"Why are you and Villanelle so interested in each other?" she's asked in the voiceover, seemingly by Carolyn, head of the Russia Section at MI6 in the show.

The trailer poses many more questions, too, like how did Villanelle survive that brutal stabbing? Where is she now? Why's Eve not bothered to wash the blood off her hands? Bit gross. And, most importantly, what the hell's going on with the pink lederhosen and pig's head?

According to reports, Killing Eve season two is expected to hit UK screens this summer, and hopefully all will be revealed.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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