People Are Divided After H Was Revealed On Line Of Duty Finale

Line of Duty fans have been waiting seven long years for this moment.

Since the hit cop drama began back in 2012, fans have been asking themselves just one question, who is 'H'?

Well, tonight our patience was finally rewarded, and the answer is, no one.

The tense thriller finally saw the identity of 'H' revealed. Credit: BBC
The tense thriller finally saw the identity of 'H' revealed. Credit: BBC

Yep, after all those years of waiting and it turns out 'H', at least what we thought 'H' would be, doesn't exist.

Rather than an initial, 'H' was just a clue to the real people behind it all.

DS Steve Arnott makes the incredible discovery when he spots something strange in Dot's dying declaration, which no one had seen before.

The eagle-eyed detective sees Dot tap his finger and thumb together four times - 'H' in Morse code - which, rather than pointing to a single person, is trying to tell them there are in fact four caddies - Dot, Hilton, Gill Biggeloe and, as we find out at the very end, Ryan Pilkington, the youngest member of the the OCG.

Admittedly, it's all very clever, but it seems fans of the shows are split on the revelation, with some impressed and others feeling a tad let down.

But 'H' is just the tip of the ice berg in this explosive finale.

The 90-minute episode saw Superintendent Ted Hastings back under the microscope as he was once again interrogated for allegedly being the mastermind behind the interconnected web of bent coppers.

But while DCS Patricia Carmichael and her team link Hastings to dirty money and the murder of undercover police officer, John Corbett, were DS Arnott and DI Kate Fleming working tirelessly to prove their gaffer's innocence.

And after speaking to Corbett's wife one last time, the pair discover that Gill had encouraged Corbett to get involved in the undercover operation to help set up Hastings, the man she claimed had, years earlier, killed his mother in Northern Ireland.

The most shocking revelation, more so than that 'H', is that Ted 'the letter of the law' Hastings steals £50,000 from the bribe - even if he does eventually give it to Corbett's wife.

What do you think? Worth the wait or a bit of a let down?

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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