Logan Paul's Flat Earth 'Documentary' Is Out And It's Actually A Parody

You might have been wondering what YouTube sensation Logan Paul has been up to since he stepped out of the boxing ring last year.

And it turns out he's become a massive believer in Flat Earth theory and is heading over to Antarctica to prove it - he's even made a 'documentary' about it.

Well not quite, Logan Paul is a lot of things but thankfully a Flat Earther is not one of them.

The outspoken American's 50 minute foray into that bonkers world, Flat Earth: To The Edge and Back, dropped on his YouTube channel yesterday and it has already divided opinion.

The film tracks Logan's supposed evolution from denier to a believer but it becomes pretty clear quit early on that this is not the in-depth analysis some have taken it to be.

His supposed journey of self-discovery begins after his mate - who we learn became a Flat Earther after apparently discovering the edge of the Earth in a government base - asks him: "Do you ever think that the Earth might be flat?"

He then goes on a 'globe smashing' rampage through the YouTuber's house. Hmm.

Before you know it, Logan is off on a mission to find the truth, even attending a Flat Earth convention and speaking to real life believers.

Credit: YouTube/Logan Paul
Credit: YouTube/Logan Paul

However, if after watching the film you were still fairly convinced that Logan had maybe received a few too many punches to the head, the very final scene should give the game away.

When asked about what he had learnt during the making of the doc and whether he believes the world is flat, Logan says: "No I don't. I think that's the dumbest shit I've heard in my life."

Before adding: "I'm not sure ... there is an Earth at all."

He then breaks into a rap about how 'there is no Earth'. Ok.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Even the Flat Earth Society has come out and distance themselves from the filmmaker.

A spokesperson for the group said: "As most of our regulars will be aware by now, YouTube celebrity Logan Paul has recently attended the Flat Earth International Conference in Denver and publicly voiced his support of the Flat Earth Movement.

"As of the time of publishing this statement, TFES has not been in contact with Logan Paul, and we have no intention of offering him membership or otherwise affiliating with him. Claims that Logan Paul is a member of TFES or that he may be considered for membership are untrue."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Thankfully most people seem to have got the joke and have taken to Twitter to praise the social medial star for his comic genius.

One fan wrote: "I'm in the middle of watching it and it's so fucking good Logan you did a great job."

Another added: "Bro people are acting like this is a documentary, it is a movie should give people a little hint that its not serious. After watching it literally he clowned the Flat Earth idea."

While a third person wrote: "There's a lot of people who actually didn't get the joke @LoganPaul."

Funnily enough, one of those was Logan's online nemesis, KSI, who he faced in a boxing match last year.

Taking a swipe, the Londoner shared his tweet, writing: "I really hit you that hard huh?"

Went a bit over your head there, didn't it?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

Dominic Smithers

After graduating from Leeds University with a degree in French and History, Dom went onto gain an NCTJ journalism qualification. Since then he has worked as a reporter at the Manchester Evening News and the Macclesfield Express, covering breaking news, court, sports, and politics.

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