Mr Bean is back! But before you get too excited, the film is only being released in China.

The flick is called Top Funny Comedian The Movie (I assume that has lost something in translation) and is expected to earn Rowan Atkinson a small fortune.

Mr Bean's Holiday, which was released 10 years ago, grossed over £2.4million in China.


Rowan has recently been through a costly divorce with his wife of 24 years, Sunetra.

Mr Bean works so well around the world because his mute-slapstick-style comedy transcends language barriers. Having said that, I'm still upset that the film won't be released in the UK or the US.

Credit: YouTube/China Movie

The film is a spin-off from the Top Funny Comedian variety show.

Appearing at the movie's premiere, Rowan was in full Mr Bean - or Mr Foolish Bean as he's known in Asia - costume.

For those of us living outside China, we can make do with this brilliant new trailer someone has made for a Mr Bean horror release. Sounds ridiculous? Yeah, it is.

Enjoy Mean Bean...the film the world really needs right now.

Credit: YouTube/John Loberger

It's pretty funny, especially when they intercut with other films. When he pops a paper bag and a plane goes down, it's masterful. The terrifying music gives it the feel of a seriously scary film. I would definitely watch that.

Come on, mate, you've already taken Mr Bean out of retirement, might as well make a horror movie.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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