Netflix Scares People In Turkey As It Tried To Promote New Season Of ‘Black Mirror’

Plenty, if not every, episode of Black Mirror makes you feel a bit shit about where the world is going. But that's the whole point of Charlie Brooker's show - he wants you to look at how technology is growing and how addicted we are to some of our screens.

But while each instalment ends with a 'holy shit that's fucked up' ending, we can relax in the idea that, at this present point, it's still fiction.

Except some people in Turkey got the creeps when they were on their country's version of Reddit and were confronted with a weird Black Mirror moment. They've reported getting a direct message from an account called 'iamwaldo' with a very unsettling message: "We know what you're up to. Watch and see what we will do."

Credit: Netflix

Getting that from anyone is creepy, but when it's from an account that alludes to a Black Mirror episode, then that gets the shivers running a bit quicker. Those who know the show well will remember that Waldo was the seemingly adorable but foul mouthed, cartoon blue bear that wound up getting into politics.

But people who don't know about the show were flipping out and started wondering who the fuck was watching them.

Unfortunately for these people, they didn't realise that this was apparently a marketing ploy from Netflix to promote the new season of Black Mirror, according to Gizmodo.

One person wrote on Eksisozluk: "The message could have affected hundreds of people like myself who have problems such as anxiety disorder, and that it is too dangerous for many to imagine."


While another said: "Disgusting disgrace. No one has the right to be anxious about a lot of people for the sake of advertising."

Under most circumstances, getting a message from an unknown person saying that they knew what you were up to is pretty creepy. But if you think about what happened in Turkey in 2016, then it escalates tenfold.

Martial law was declared in Turkey last year following a military coup and there are rumours that the Turkish government regularly spies on its citizens. Having a DM like that would probably make you smash your laptop and leave town even if you didn't think you'd done anything wrong.

The marketing ploy kind of worked, considering it's been broadcast by several news agencies around the world. But there are other ways to get people interested in a show than spook the shit out of them.

Sources: Gizmodo, Spiegel, Eksisozluk

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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