The Real-Life Strip Club In ‘The Sopranos’ Is Being Shut Down

There were so many key moments from the incredible crime drama The Sopranos that happened in the fictional Bada Bing Strip Club. Numerous murders were planned in that very building and one character was even beaten to death in the carpark.

But some fans might not be aware that Bada Bing is a club that exists in real life.

Called the Satin Dolls, the building is found on the side of the I-80 Express in New Jersey. However, the gentleman's club has reportedly found itself in a bit of trouble.

The State's Attorney General, Christopher Porrino has ordered the business be sold or transferred to a third party after criminal activity was alleged to have occurred on site.

Satin Dolls
Satin Dolls

Credit: Google Maps

Mr Porrino has released a statement, saying: "The two clubs [Satin and A. J's Gentleman's Club] and their owners have been the subject of investigation and legal proceedings initiated by the Division for more than six years, during which the owners, various members of the Cardinalle family, sought to retain ownership of the licenses and continue to operate the businesses.

"The Division has alleged that Anthony Cardinalle, who was criminally disqualified from maintaining involvement with the clubs' operations, nonetheless continued to run the businesses. The Division also alleges that the owners failed to account for large amounts of cash flowing in and out of the businesses.

"Illegal activity was glorified at the 'Bada Bing' in the fictional world of Tony Soprano, but it has no place in modern-day New Jersey.

"It's time to shut it down."

Satin Dolls strip club
Satin Dolls strip club

Credit: PA

According to the statement, the owners continued to ignore laws about 'alcoholic beverage control' and they've now been ordered to hand over $1.25 million (£933,000) in penalties.

Division of Alcohol Beverage Control Director David P. Rible adds: "The Cardinalles, quite simply, have not played by the rules despite many opportunities to correct their behaviour, and it's time to get them out of the alcohol business once and for all."

The Satin Strip Club scored some serious economic benefits from being the real-life Bada Bing Club seen in The Sopranos. According to USA Today, busloads of tourists would rock up to the site every week and each person would fork out up to $30 (£22) for a chance to get a tour.

Once they were there, they would cough up even more for merchandise. Because who wouldn't want to openly advertise they went to a strip club off a main highway?

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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