You may have thought 2009 was an irrelevant, boring year that brought zero banter to the masses. Think again.

It was the year movie stars Jason Segel and Paul Rudd sat down for an interview with Rotten Tomatoes to discuss their bromance comedy I Love You, Man - which is arguably one of the best of the last 10 years.

Why? Segel and Rudd appear to be more baked than your grandma's chocolate chip brownies.

Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

When the interviewer asks the two whether they've ever had their own bromances in relation to the film, Segel is quick to answer.

"I've had the same best friend since I was twelve years old," he says. "He's awesome... and imaginary."

"His name is Gideon," Rudd confirms.

"Yeah, he's great," Segel says, on the cusp of cracking up. "He rides a unicorn.

The RT interviewer plays ball and doesn't even attempt to get any typical press junket platitudes out of them, instead just realising he's got two A-listers in front of him with the giggles and letting it roll.

"I like how you're really laughing and now you can't, like, stop," Rudd says, before jumping out of his chair to get a nearby mannequin which he pretends is the elusive 'Gideon'.

Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

The subject then turns towards Segel's beanie.

"I can't take off the hat," he insists. "It's a mental compulsion."

"Otherwise his head will fall off," Rudd adds.

"Otherwise Gideon will come and kill us all. 'Don't take off your magic hat, Jason!'"

It's not before long that Rudd begins to answer a question in the spirit of Tom Cruise.

"I've no idea how I'm gonna cut this," the interviewer jokes. "We'll figure it out."

"Absolutely," Segel says.

"Might just wanna think cutting the whole thing," Rudd says.

Let this video remain a great example of how celebrities don't have to be as dull as dishwater.

I mean, this one's up there with Tom Cruise jumping around on Oprah's sofa, which saw him gushing about how in love he was with Katie Holmes - much to the bemusement of just about everyone. Little dude just couldn't contain his excitement!

Ah, then there's also just about any interview that Charlie Sheen has given ("I'm not bipolar, I'm bi-winning!"), and let's not forget that DJ Khaled used one interview to confess that he refuses to go down on women because he is a 'king' and that he doesn't 'do that'.

Ah, celebs. U so weird.

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