Writer and creator of Birmingham-based crime series Peaky Blinders, Stephen Knight, has confirmed that the fourth series is going to begin filming in March. Yes!

The BBC's third series was shown in May last year and its confirmed there'll be a fourth AND fifth series. They are as keen as we are!

Here's what we know: Tom Hardy is going to be back as Alfie Solomons. Stephen admitted to Deadline magazine that they "couldn't do the show without Alfie."

Tommy and Alfie. Credit: BBC

Knight and Hardy have worked on many projects before. Not only have they worked together on 2013 film Locke, and Peaky Blinders of course, but they also teamed up to create the new BBC tv series Taboo. Tom Hardy came up with the idea with his dad and pitched it to Stephen years ago. They've been working on it ever since and the first episode finally aired last Saturday.

It's always been full of drama. Can you remember way back when at the trailer for season one?

Credit: BBC

And season two?

Credit: BBC

There is also talk of Peaky Blinders film. The TV show's producers were talking about maybe doing a film ever since the third series - but admitted that the series had to come first.
"I think it'd be great to have a series, then a film, a series, a film... why not?" said Stephen.
A few Hollywood movie star names were mentioned - including, oddly enough Julia Roberts. Maybe she's a fan of the show?

Nah, fuck Julia Roberts. She wouldn't last long.

Words Laura Hamilton

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