People Think The Fungus Scene From Netflix's Our Planet Is Straight Out Of A Horror Film

Netflix's latest documentary, Our Planet, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, has been nothing short of amazing.

Viewers have been taken on an emotional and bewildering journey across our planet to see all the weird and wonderful things that go on.

But there's a scene that's freaking people out and it has to do with a fungus.

Normally, people think of a fungus growing on their fruit or as a mushroom, but this specific type of fungus is being compared to a horror film.

In Our Planet, we get to see an ant going about it's business. Sir David explains how it climbs a tree, which is kind of strange considering it's an ant and doesn't really need to get off the ground level.

But viewers are told the ant isn't doing this on it's own volition. No, it's been infected by the Cordyceps fungus, a parasitic, almost zombie-like, species that controls it's host to devastating consequences.

We see our ant climb onto a branch, bite down hard and then die dramatically. The fungus then erupts out of the insect's body and grows into it's own being before letting off spores that will attack the next unwilling victim.

People watching the scene were understandably freaked out.

"The part in Our Planet in the third episode where the Cordyceps fungus destroys the ant from within is the most badass thing ever filmed," wrote one person.

"I don't know why everyone's depressed about Our Planet when there's a parasitic fungus that brainwashes ants so they skewer themselves to trees and then bursts out of their heads," said another.

A third added: "Now I know where horror writers get their ideas for monsters and creepy scary movie scenes."

The fungus has more than 400 varieties and is present in humid temperate and tropical forests.

Imagine going about your day and then all of a sudden you have an urge to climb a tree and bite down before something inside of you erupts through your pores. Yeah - straight up terrifying.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Stewart Perrie

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