People Didn't Agree With This Guy's Reason For Cheating On His Girlfriend

People who cheat on their partners will always get some stick. Some might be in a genuinely loveless relationship, while others say they just don't want to settle for the one person.


But any chance that cheaters will be given more sympathy quickly disappeared in a flash after one culprit accused his ex of 'pissing' the relationship away. Way to help your cause, mate.

It all went down on the Channel 5 show One Night With My Ex, which reunites exes in the same flat to discuss the breakdown of their relationship. Perverse yet delicious.

In this episode, Joseph and Rosie sat down to chat, with Rosie having dumped Joe straight after she found out that he'd slept with another woman.

Joe wasn't pleased with being kicked out straight away, saying he was 'well pissed' about how the relationship ended and that he thought Rosie "blew it slightly out of proportion".

Credit: Channel 5/One Night With My Ex
Credit: Channel 5/One Night With My Ex

Instead of saying sorry, though. Joe accused Rosie of 'pissing' their relationship down the drain, not understanding why cheating was a deal-breaker.

"Me piss it down the drain?" Rosie fumed. "You're the one that fucking cheated on me."

Joe went on to say that he wouldn't have felt jealous if she'd had sex with someone else, arguing that 'it's different for a girl'. Is it though?

"I do think a guy, in general, can sleep with someone and not have a thought about it cross his mind," Joe said. "It wasn't fucking going on dates and wining and dining them. It was absolutely nothing."

Credit: Channel 5/One Night With My Ex
Credit: Channel 5/One Night With My Ex

Rosie didn't buy Joe's argument, saying that he'd still be jealous because they are 'both human'.

"I think cheating is really wrong," she explained. "I just think if you love someone, why do you need to be greedy and want more and more?"

Whoever's side of the argument you're on, people on Twitter were pretty pissed off with his views:

Some people were less kind with the insults, comparing the look of Joe's face to a 'shovel' or an 'anteater'. Ouch.

For what it's worth, Joe himself later weighed in, thinking his stint on the show actually went quite well.

He thanked everyone for their support and said the show 'highlighted the different views men and women take when it comes to dating'.

Well, that's one way of putting it.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5/One Night With My Ex

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