People Tweet Their Ideas For ‘Black Mirror’ Episodes And Some Are Brilliant

There will definitely be a lot of Black Mirror fans who watched the newest season in one day and are now rocking back and forth, patiently waiting for the next instalment to arrive. The fourth season is pretty fucking brilliant, with interesting insights into online dating, angry co-workers and covering up mistakes.

While there might be a few tiny plot holes in some of the episodes, there's no denying show creator Charlie Brooker's brilliance. He looks at the world we live in today and imagines what fucked up mess we might find ourselves in the not too distant future.

But some people on social media are wanting Brooker to sit back and relax while they come up with the ideas for season five.

This is one that's been posted by a few people on Twitter and imagines a setting where an FBI agent falls in love with the person they're watching on a webcam.

It would hark back to the 'Shut Up and Dance' episode and maybe have 'Hang the DJ' or 'San Junipero' vibes; so this one could be interesting.

Another user on Twitter wrote: "Black Mirror idea: Future of Tinder for people who want kids. You give the app your DNA, then swipe left or right on realistic generated photos of the kids it knows you would make with the other users. Freaky!"

There are plenty of websites which are able to produce a photo of a baby or child based off what two people look like. But let's be honest - the program just fuses the two pictures together and makes it look young.

In a Black Mirror universe, there would obviously be a futuristic device that would do this process properly. This idea is equal parts terrifying and brilliant.

Another potential plot point was written by a London based digital agency: "Streaming services buy up all the sounds in existence. You then have to pay a subscription to be able to hear anything in your everyday life without being bombarded with ads every few minutes."

Some people already fucking hate ads - so this dystopian world would be awful. Imagine never hearing the crowd roar during a sporting match or your favourite artist live on stage.

While these are all good ideas - I think this person takes the cake.

Jeremy Baldin wrote about an episode idea where a millennial teaches their parents how to use a smart phone.

Don't get me wrong, I love my parents and they obviously didn't grow up with technology, but it can be an excruciating experience trying to talk them through an issue with their computer over the phone.

The twist at the end could be the kid finding out their parents are the joint CEOs of an Apple-like company and they're just fucking with their son or daughter for the laughs.

If Charlie Brooker gets writer's block at any point in the next few months, rest assured he can pop on Twitter and get some ideas.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Stewart Perrie

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