People Were Blown Away By All The Reunions In Game Of Thrones Episode One

After waiting two long years, fans were finally treated to the first episode of the last season of Game of Thrones and boy was it a big episode.


Sure, there wasn't anything that was massive in terms of plot lines, but you can tell they're laying the foundations for some massive moments.

While it wasn't the best episode in terms of conflict or cliffhangers, it sure as hell had plenty of reunions, some of which haven't been seen together since the pilot episode.

As Jon Snow was contemplating whether he should have bent the knee to Daenerys Targaryen at the Weirwood, he was shocked to hear a voice he hasn't heard in years: Arya.

Despite his initial reaction being a bit cold, they run together for a hug. I reckon we all felt that embrace.

Jon seemed so excited to see his sister all grown up and also sporting two weapons at the ready. But after the excitement wore off, Arya was quick to remind Jon where his allegiances should lie: with House Stark and no one else - regardless of where his heart lies.

Next we see Tyrion Lannister meet Sansa for the first time since she fled following Joffery's savage death. The two were married in order to align the two houses but when King Joffrey died, she was hurried away by Littlefinger to the Vale of Arryn.

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

While this reunion was sweet, you can tell that Sansa still holds a hell of a lot of disdain for the Lannisters - which isn't unfair. She reminds Tyrion that he should never trust his sister Cersei, even though she pledged to bring her army to the North (which we know was a fake promise).

The reunion after that awkward encounter was largely unexpected and it came in the form of a cowardly hero: Theon rescuing Yara. The remaining Ironborn rescued their queen, who was being held captive by her uncle Euron.

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

While it was awesome to see the brother and sister duo back in action, Yara decided to get Theon back for abandoning her by head butting the shit out of him. Thankfully, after that, they were back to being friendly.

By far the best rekindling of allegiances was Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly in the crypts of Winterfell. They haven't seen each other since their days at the Knights Watch at the Wall, so this reunion was awesome.

That was until Sam told Jon about his parentage and his claim to the Iron Throne. It made Jon a bit sick to know his whole life has been a lie and that he's been sleeping with his aunt - a lot to take in there.

At least there were some smiles at the start.

The end of the episode teased the next big reunion: Jamie Lannister and Bran Stark.

The Kingslayer assumed Bran was dead after he pushed him out of a window in the very first episode for catching him sleeping with Cersei.

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

Now, Bran is the Three Eyed Raven, seer of all things and a moody little teenager at that.

This is one hell of a reunion because of the history between them.

Will he forgive and forget or will there be blood spilt?

There were a few other smaller reunions like Arya and The Hound and Samwell and Jorah, but these didn't exactly have as much excitement around it.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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