Piers Morgan Says Men Don't Fancy Women Who Don't Shave Their Underarms

Another day, another chance for Piers Morgan to spark outrage. Today, he took aim at women who are taking part in the Januhairy.

In case you weren't in the loop, Januhairy was launched by Laura Jackson, 21, and encourages women to let their body hair grow throughout January, as a way to empower women and to raise a bit of cash for charity.

Now, while you or I might not give a toss what someone does or doesn't do with their body hair, Piers was quick to share his two cents on the whole thing.

After being shown images of a number of celebs who have previously ditched the razors, including Julia Roberts and Madonna, Piers said that men aren't attracted to women who leave their body hair au naturel.

During a debate on Good Morning Britain, Piers said: "Men don't fancy women who let it all out in January. Something inside me did die when I saw that picture [of Julia Roberts with armpit hair.]

"Most women and men I'm seeing reacting to us all agree. Why do you need to do this it's January?"

Commenting on a photo of mega-star Madonna, he added: "Look at that, I mean seriously?

"If we thought Madonna couldn't get any more revolting? Why be so lazy? They just can't be bothered to shave?"

The ever-patient Susanna Reid spoke up to say that it wasn't being 'lazy' and that sometimes women might just 'not fancy' shaving.

But her choice of words only added fuel to the fire, with Piers replying: "Exactly my point! We don't fancy it either, nobody does. It's not really praiseworthy, anyone can do it, right? It's not an massive empowering gesture."

The concept for Januhairy was thought up by Jackson last May and is hoping to raise money for BodyGossip, a charity that combines Arts and Education to empower everyone to be the best version of themselves.

Credit: Instagram/@janu_hairy
Credit: Instagram/@janu_hairy

She explained on Instagram: "There had been some parts that were challenging for me, and others that really opened my eyes to the taboo of body hair on a woman.

"After a few weeks of getting used to it, I started to like my natural hair. I also started to like the lack of uncomfortable episodes of shaving.

"Though I felt liberated and more confident in myself, some people around me didn't understand why I didn't shave/didn't agree with it. I realised that there is still so much more for us to do to be able to accept one another fully and truly."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

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