'Pulp Fiction' Voted Samuel L. Jackson's Greatest Movie

Samuel L. Jackson is one bad-ass motherfucker.

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He has made a long career out of being effortlessly cool, despite largely playing some version of himself in most of his films.

On top of that, he was a civil rights activist, an usher at the funeral of Martin Luther King, and studied to be a marine biologist. Some career, eh?

He's played an undercover detective (with the best theme tune of all time - hands down) in Shaft, a hit man (on numerous occasions) and an FBI agent with a burning desire to get those motherfuckin' snakes of this motherfuckin' plane, but which of them has been his best role ever?

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Well, a poll run by ranker.com has given the public the chance to vote to decide and, perhaps unsurprisingly, they have gone for Pulp Fiction.

Yes, the slick neo-noir crime film directed by Quentin Tarantino came first by a considerable distance.

Jackson features in the film as Jules Winnfield, a quick-witted hit man who works in tandem with Vincent Vega - played by John Travolta.

Samuel L Jackson earned his one and only Academy Award nomination for his role in the 1994 film, but eventually lost out to Martin Landau in Bela Lugosi.

It is one of many occasions in which he has worked for Tarantino, in fact he has appeared in 6 of the director's 9 films.
Whilst the top of the pile is a relatively obvious choice for his best film, some of the high-flyers just below Pulp Fiction may surprise you.

Django Unchained is second on the list, in which Jackson plays Stephen, Leo di Caprio's elderly slave. The western was a box office success, but it features above films such as Jackie Brown and Spike Lee's critically acclaimed Do the Right Thing.

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In third place is Unbreakable, M. Night Shayamalan's weird film which, unsurprisingly if you've ever seen one of his films before, has a dramatic twist at the end. Jackson features as Mr Glass, a comic book art enthusiast with brittle bones.
Luckily the film fans were able to get a few things right, xXx is way down the list in 35th, and all of his Star Wars outings as Mace Windu are not even in the top ten.

Luckily, this list isn't final - you can still go and vote for your favourite one and see it move up the leaderboard.

In the meantime, watch this supercut of every time Samuel L Jackson has ever said 'Motherfucker' in his films.

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