Ramsay Bolton is coming back from the grave to play the most villainous man of the 20th century - Adolf Hitler himself!


Poor Iwan Rheon - he's just a nice Welsh boy who acts and sings - does he deserve to be typecast as a psychopath?

Ramsay Bolton was pretty much Game of Thrones' best villain - he was so much better than mummy's boy Joffrey Baratheon who was a whinier version of Draco Malfoy with creepy blue eyes.

No, Ramsay was the psychologically disturbed character on the show - and considering Games of Thrones is littered with murderous nutcases that's saying something. The New York Times called him the most hated man on TV. That's a badge of (dis)honour. He liked to hunt people, he chopped off Theon Greyjoy's manhood, he raped Sansa, he killed his own father and fed people to his dogs, including his mother-in-law and brother - he was the baddie you loved to hate.

Ramsay Bolton was evil - you'd be hardpressed to find a better villain. I mean to find someone more cruel than Ramsay you'd have to go for someone like...well, Hitler.

And that's exactly who Iwan is playing in Urban Myths, the new TV series on Sky Arts. But it's not about Hitler when he was leading the Nazis - it's about Adolf's time as an art student. In the trailer for the series, Hitler describes himself as "an academic painter" - um say what?

Take a look at an advert for the series here.

Credit: Sky Arts

In case you didn't know, Hitler tried twice to get into the Vienna Academy of Art in 1908 - and failed both times. If only he had - maybe things would have turned out much different.

In Urban Myths, Iwan will be playing Adolf trying to make it in the art world - I'm sure that's going to be hilarious and weird.

The funniest part of this is that Adolf's sidekick is Rupert Grint, best known for being Harry Potter's ginger mate, Ron Weasley, and for marrying Emma Watson. That's a huge departure for him - usually he plays nice guys. In this TV show he's only known as "Adolf's friend" and really, who would want to admit to being Hitler's mate?

Can't wait to see this.

Words Laura Hamilton

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