Season Two Of ​'Mindhunter' Will Be Filmed In 2018

So, answer me this: when did it stop being unhealthy to have a fixation on serial killers?

It seems as if everyone I know is fetishising serial murderers and binging shows such as Making a Murderer, and Mindhunter.

I'm being stupid, obviously, but serial killers and programmes about them have never been more popular.

Credit: Netflix

Mindhunter in particular - on Netflix and available to watch all in one gruesome sitting - takes the viewer inside the world of criminal investigation to show the process that helps catch the bad guys.

David Fincher, the director who brought us Seven and Fight Club will return to direct season two of Mindhunter (which was commissioned even before the first season aired) and has said that the focus will be on the Atlanta child murders of 1979 - 1981.

After being asked about the soundtrack, Fincher let slip to Billboard: "Next year we're looking at the Atlanta child murders, so we'll have a lot more African-American music which will be nice.

"The music will evolve. It's intended to support what's happening with the show and for the show to evolve radically between seasons."

Credit: Netflix

The Atlanta murders were some of the most horrific and gruesome cases in history, with 28 black children, teens, and young adults killed.

Wayne Williams was arrested and convicted of two of the murders, and there is a strongly held belief that he might have been responsible for all of them - he maintains he is not guilty.

The case was investigated by FBI profiler John E. Douglas - the real-life inspiration for Holden Ford, played by Jonathan Groff.

Douglas was one of the first criminal profilers and interviewed several of the biggest names in the serial killing business, including John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson and Ted Bundy.

Academy Award nominated director Fincher discovered Douglas through reading his book, and it allowed him to pursue a long-held desire to feature criminal profilers in his work.

Credit: Netflix

He told Rolling Stone: "Then around 2009, Charlize [Theron] gave me John's book, and I just blasted through it with a sort of true-crime fervour. It supported all my preconceptions about the guys [in that unit]."

It had been thought that the series would concentrate further on Dennis Rader the BTK (blind, torture, kill) murderer, but Fincher's latest comments appear to show otherwise.

The new season has not yet got a release date, but it is thought that filming will begin in 2018 so it could be a little wait yet.

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