Someone Has Replaced Jack Nicholson In The Shining With Jim Carrey

If you're a fan of The Shining and a fan of Jim Carrey, here's the crossover event that you've been waiting for.

Using the magic of the internet, someone has mashed Carrey's face onto the face of Jack Nicholson's character from Stanley Kubrick's seminal 1980 horror/thriller film.

Seriously, it's creepy.

When you think about it, the pair actually share a few similarities in acting style - particularly once Nicholson's character Jack Torrance loses his grip on reality.

If it were being re-made today, there would surely be a pretty strong case made for casting Carrey in that role anyway.

Fortunately for us, using the magic of 'deep fake' technology, we don't have to sit through all our favourite movies being painstakingly remade in ways that aren't needed.

Well, unless you're a Disney fan, that is. Sorry guys, it's gonna be a slog over the next few years for you guys.

Credit: Ctrl Shift Face
Credit: Ctrl Shift Face

Anyway, the Carrey/Nicholson crossover was created for our... well, enjoyment isn't really the word... but it was put together by YouTube deep fake specialist Ctrl Shift Face.

If you're into this, then head on over to the YouTube channel to get a closer look at some of the other stuff they're up to.

As a forewarning, most of it is pretty disturbing.

Speaking of which, if it is actual Shining related content you're after, look no further than the forthcoming film Doctor Sleep.

The film is a sequel to The Shining and stars Ewan McGregor as Danny Torrance, Nicholson's son in the 1980 flick.

Ewan McGregor in Doctor Sleep. Credit: Warner Bros.
Ewan McGregor in Doctor Sleep. Credit: Warner Bros.

Now all grown up, Danny sets out to use his powers stop a dangerous cult who wish to use children with psychic powers for some evil purpose or other. We'll have to wait to find out.

It's gonna hit screens in the United States on 8 November 2019 and has been written and directed by Mike Flanagan, the man behind The Haunting of Hill House.

Recently, Flanagan told horror film website Bloody Disgusting that while his film is a continuation of Stephen King's books rather than Kubrick's film, he intends to tip his cap to the influential filmmaker's work, nonetheless.

He said: "Yeah, I think you do have to acknowledge that [the original movie]. There is no version of the world where I am trying not to acknowledge one of the greatest films ever made. There's no upside in shying away from that reality."

"At the same time, this is not The Shining.

"It's its own story and in a very specific way. If you've read the book, you know exactly why it's so different but it's quite a tightrope that we're walking, I think.

"I'm having a great time doing it. I'm just going to get the movie out and then turn off the internet for two weeks and see how it all goes."

Featured Image Credit: Ctrl Shift Face

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