Some Filthy Animal Tried Kevin McCallister's Booby Traps On A Ballistics Dummy

We've all seen Home Alone and been totally impressed with how a little LAD manages to fend off two experienced criminals to protect his home and save Christmas.

I've always wondered about what made Kevin McCallister tick. As a kid, I just thought it was funny but as an adult I see him for the little savage he is.

Home Alone shooting scene
Home Alone shooting scene

Credit: Home Alone / Twentieth Century Fox

Presumably, Kev could have just called the police to come and help him, but, nope, that wasn't enough. He wanted to inflict pain and he goes to extremes to make sure he does.

Scolding hot iron to the face, metal paint cans to the head and let's not forget that he put tar on his stairs, knowing the would-be burglar would have to take his shoes off, followed by a nail which goes right through Marv's foot. I hope he's up to date with his tetanus shots.

YouTuber Jake Roper used a ballistics doll to check out three of the cruel and unusual punishments that Kevin carried out on the Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv, to answer the question we've all been pondering since 1990 - could you survive Home Alone?

In the video, Jack tries out the hot door knob trick, the paint can to the head and then the crowbar to the chest, which Harry whacks Marv with to get rid of the spider.

Flinging a 13lb metal paint pot over the stairs and into the ballistic dummy's head, Jack explains: "As the paint falls, it picks up speed. It works out to about 17mph. If you give it a bit of a shove, you have a 13lbs gallon of paint coming at your face at 20mph.

Home alone paint cans
Home alone paint cans

Credit: Home Alone 2 / Twentieth Century Fox

"It's like getting bareknuckle punched by Mike Tyson twice at one time.

"It is six times more than the force required to break your nose. Your head would snap back at 266G, which means there is a 100 per cent chance you would get knocked out and a 42 per cent chance your skull would crack."

This, alongside the crowbar to the chest, meant the dummy was left with a punctured heart and lungs, broken ribs and a smashed skull. Fucking happy Christmas, Kevin.

Featured Image Credit: Home Alone / Twentieth Century Fox

Claire Reid

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