Before we delve into this, let's not forget John Boyega and David Beckham once has a lightsaber duel on TV. Revisit that epic fight here.

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Anyway, we've been puzzling over the name of the next instalment of the new Star Wars trilogy since they released it - and we won't know for sure the true meaning until the film is released mid-December. It's too far away! I can't cope.

Until then we can only console ourselves with fan theories. And, luckily for us, Disney has just given us a big clue!

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In The Force Awakens, Luke Skywalker was referred to as "the last Jedi" and the First Order wouldn't rest until he had been killed. So as the only Jedi left in the galaxy you might think that referred to him. But what about Rey? The Force has awakened her and she's been using her powers - and we all assume that she's going to become a Jedi in the next film or two.

And then there's the question of whether Jedi is singular or plural? Well, the official Star Wars account in Italy has shed some light on this - it's translation - Gli Ultimi Jedi - infers there is more than one Jedi.

Thanks to Google, gli translates as this... "Gli is the plural form of lo. If you use lo in singular, you have to use gli in plural. Examples: Gli studenti, gli sport, gli psicologi, gli yogurt. So yeah, basically more than one.

And Luke wasn't really involved in episode VII - we only saw a brief shot of him towards the end. So it's safe to think we'll have a lot more of him in the second film, now that Rey has gone to find him so she can be trained. Perhaps there are now two Jedi?

Is Rey the last Jedi? Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

But some fans noted that the Jedi have a history of failure. Despite supposedly being the guardians of peace and justice - space diplomats if you will - they failed horribly. They nurtured Anakin Skywalker but saw him go over to the dark side and most of the Jedi died - only Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi were left in the original trilogy. And Luke's Jedi training saw Kylo Ren turn dark and slaughter the other trainees. Perhaps Rey becomes a Jedi to make it 'gli' but in reality Luke wants to be the last Jedi - he thinks that there shouldn't be any more as they only cause pain?

Or perhaps it's that Luke will die in The Last Jedi? There are a lot of parallels in Star Wars and history is repeating itself. Is it a coincidence that Luke looks so much like Obi Wan in the new series? Obi Wan also went into exile and lived like a hermit on a remote planet. He had dusty robes, a big beard and a worldweary but wise attitude. He knew he had to sacrifice himself for the greater good - has Luke come to the same conclusion?

And if he did die by the hands of Kylo Ren - his pupil who went to the dark side (exactly as Obi Wan was killed by Darth Vader who was his old student who turned evil), that would leave Rey as the last Jedi. Then the plural version would become singular. Confused much?

Sorry daddy. Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

It's possible that there are multiple meanings - after all The Force Awakens has a few meanings. The force awakened for Rey - and also for Finn, while Kylo Ren was even feeling its pull, too.

So if it is more than one Jedi, the question is - is it just Rey and Luke? Or did Luke find the Temple of the Jedi like Han Solo said he had tried to? And are they the last Jedi in the title? Is Snoke part of this last Jedi saga? More questions than answers...

Words Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

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