The First Details Of The Breaking Bad Movie Have Been Unveiled

Ever since the news broke that there was going to be a Breaking Bad movie, people have been wondering what it's going to be about.

Some have suggested it be about whether the blue meth is still be distributed by someone else, others want a really boring prequel about Walt going through his teaching career.

Thankfully it's neither of those options and the actual storyline seems a lot juicier.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie will focus on Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) and the aftermath of the final season.

Jesse was involved in a gunfight with Jack's men and is asked by Walt to kill him after being wounded in the battle. The two old friends looked at each other one last time before Pinkman grabbed Todd's El Camino car and took off through the gates.


The last we saw of him he was screaming and crying tears of joy, finally and seemingly free of his narcotic nightmare.

So now it seems as though the upcoming movie will revolve around his life post-Walt, post-blue meth and post-nearly dying.

A die-hard fan has been following film crews in the area and uploading pictures to Instagram account all_about_saul - and the pictures seem to suggest the film will return to some familiar settings.

Pictures of what appears to be Mike's car have been shared online. Credit: Instagram/all_about_saul
Pictures of what appears to be Mike's car have been shared online. Credit: Instagram/all_about_saul

Indeed, some of the scenes captured by the keen photographer have led a few online theorists to suggest the film may deploy every filmmaker's favourite device - flashback.

Jesse's car appears to have been pictured being towed about the city and crews have been pictured outside his parents' house. The more devout fans among you may also recognise pictures of the old compound lab and Ed the Disappearer's vacuum repair shop.

Online film publication Revenge of the Fans claimed last month: "Not only will the story find a way to bring back Jane - with whom Jesse had a tragic love affair way back during the show's first season - but series star [Bryan] Cranston is set to play some sort of role in the new film as well. This, despite both characters having met their ends on the show."

The movie will be premiering on Netflix before going to AMC, which is exciting for all those people who don't have access to the American channel.

There's no word on when this incredible movie will drop so we'll have to keep our eyes and ears peeled for it.

Featured Image Credit: AMC

Stewart Perrie

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