This Theory Claims To Reveal The True Identity Of Andy’s Mum In 'Toy Story'

Usually when film theories are tapped into online forums, we may raise an eyebrow when scanning through the context. But the latest idea from a Pixar fan is worth sitting up and taking notice of because it explains everything.

Jon Negroni, a guy who runs a film review website, believes that the answer is written all over Andy's head.

He has decoded the Disney-Pixar franchise's hidden secret, which may have just unveiled the plot for Toy Story 4.

Credit: Pixar

Negroni's beady eyes have pointed out that Andy's cowboy hat is different to that of his favourite doll, Woody. In fact, it has a closer resemblance to that of cowgirl doll Jessie. The plot thickens.

If you look closely - and have enough time on your hands - you'll notice that both Andy and Jessie's headpieces are the same colour, with white twine around the edges.

The only real difference is that Jessie's hat has a white band around the middle, whereas Andy's has a faded mark. Negroni believes this is where a band used to be placed.

Joining up the dots nicely, he may be on to something here.

Surely that suggests that Andy's mum is Emily, Jessie's original owner.

Boom, there it is. Until now, Andy's mum has come across as a bit vanilla in the films. She's nice, sweet, and a bit placid all round. Considering the narrative of Toy Story 3 ended with Andy buggering off to uni, it's just about perfect timing for his mum's past to be dug up in the story.

Credit: Pixar

A flashback scene previously shows Emily giving Jessie up when she outgrew her, leaving her in a donation box on the side of the road.

In another flashback, Emily's hat is seen lying on the bed.

Credit: Pixar

There's so much weight to this. Emily's bedroom even contains record players and, without sounding like a complete codpiece, that along with the décor suggests Sixties/Seventies. That would make her old enough to be Andy's mum when the modern-day Toy Story took place.

That has to be what Pixar has up its sleeves. If not, may we suggest a re-scripting because Negroni's theory fits perfectly.

Featured Image Credit: Pixar

Claire Reid

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