Breaking Bad is remembered for a lot of things.

The fact that the American health system is insanely corrupt is up there. Had Walter White been a citizen of neighbouring country Canada, or even Britain, his cancer treatment would have been free, thus eliminating the need to become a methamphetamine king pin - but that's just nit picking.

Alongside that, is the series' memorable, gripping and ever changing story lines, the lengths people will go through for money, and of course, Jesse Pinkman's relentless use of the word bitch.

Credit: AMC

Weirdly, the latter is something that has become synonymous with Breaking Bad.

Obviously, it wasn't the first time the word bitch had been used like that, but somehow Aaron Paul managed to make it his own.

However, the amount of times Jesse Pinkman actually says 'yeah, bitch!', and many of its variations, isn't actually that much.

According to Kerplosh the meph cook only says the word 54 times, which seems underwhelming considering it's the thing that's associated most with Aaron Paul's character.


It'd be good to see just how many times he manages to say 'yo!' throughout the series, because that's definitely heading into the 500 region.

The only thing that would probably top that is the amount of times Skyler White was an annoying bellend from series one, right through to series five.

Words by Mark McGowan

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