​‘This Morning’ Team Call The Wrong Woman When Trying To Give £5,000 To A Competition Winner

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have messed up on live TV once again by calling the wrong number to try to give out a £5,000 prize. Take a look at the cock-up here.

Luckily, they eventually got the right winner and even gave the woman on the wrong number £1,000, but it's still pretty funny.

Live TV is always dangerous. Things can go tits up at any second, especially if you call a wrong number and leave a woman with £5,000 and someone dressed up as a cow turning up outside someone's house unannounced...

That's exactly what happened on This Morning. Phil and Holly were on the phone to the wrong person (Mrs Smithers) when they thought they were calling the competition winner, Mrs Ashman, leaving presenter Alison Hammond and (seriously) a gigantic cow outside someone's house.

As the chaos unfolded, Mrs Smithers remained remarkably calm, and was given £1,000 as an apology for the two giggling presenters wasting her time.

Phil called the number he'd been given and said: "Hello, is that Mrs Ashman?" and was visibly shocked when he heard the reply, "No..."

With all professionalism gone, they continued to ask whether Mrs Smithers could hear knocking on her door, which, given they were outside a different fucking house, she couldn't.

Anyway, at this point, the real Mrs Ashman answered her door and seemed equally as baffled to see the Woman/Cow team standing on her doorstep.

She was - understandably - confused, and when they awarded her the prize she replied: "What's that for then?"

Meanwhile, Schof and Holly were explaining to Mrs Smithers that they were basically wasting her time: "You're live on This Morning at the moment, I'm Phillip Schofield, this is Holly Willoughby, we were expecting someone else."

This Morning mix up
This Morning mix up

If that isn't enough to shake your self-confidence when answering your own phone, I don't know what is.

Luckily for Mrs Smithers, they felt bad about it and called her back with better news. They (after a hasty conversation with the show producers and, presumably, the legal team) told her she had won a £1,000 cash prize, simply for answering the phone.

They said: "We phoned you by mistake, someone got the number wrong, it was about a competition prize and then we hung up on you and felt really guilty. So, you've just won for absolutely no reason at all, apart from the fact we called the wrong person, you've just won £1,000 for Christmas."

This seemed to clear up a lot of the confusion, and she was suddenly on board with the whole thing.

She said: "Thank you so very much! I love you both!"

Funny how that often happens...

Word: Tom Wood

Featured Image Credit: This Morning

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