Viggo Mortensen Bought The Horse He Rode In 'The Lord Of The Rings'

Apparently Potter himself pocketed a few pairs of his infamous specs, Jennifer Lawrence can dress like Katniss whenever she fancies and Will Ferrell was given permission to keep the prosthetic testicles from Step Brothers (no word of a lie).

So it's no secret that actors take home some of the stuff from film sets. But what about a horse? Not sure that's 100 percent ok, is it?

Because that's exactly what Viggo Mortensen - aka Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings - did after building up a relationship with the horse he rode in the epic fantasy trilogy.

According to IGN, it was the main horse, TJ, with whom Mortensen developed a lasting bond. In fact, the bond was so strong that Mortensen actually purchased TJ after filming concluded.

It's not his first rodeo either - he's bought one of his equine co-stars before.

As the star revealed: "I bought the one [horse] in Lord of the Rings even though I wasn't with him all the time, I just developed a real good friendship with him. His name is Eurayus. He kind of came into the movie similar to the way I did.

"You know, didn't have much preparation and was just thrown in and had to swim, basically. And it was rough on him and it took a while for us to kind of get in sync and for him to be comfortable around the set.

Credit: New Line Cinema
Credit: New Line Cinema

"So we got to be close and I wanted to stay in touch with him. And, you know, by the end he became almost a real ham. He became so good at it that he was just relaxed and happy.

"He had been a performing horse, but an equestrian competition horse. So the cameras, lights, and some of the things we had to do... and also the gear. I mean the saddle and chain mail and all that stuff, the battles. So we got through it together and became friends. That was that story.

"And then there's another horse named Kenny that I ride in the beginning of The Two Towers. He's a chestnut brown-colored horse.

"And he was just pretty and again it was a situation where we were shooting and they didn't have the right horse and I said, 'Lemme just borrow that one,' and I pointed to one of the wranglers who was riding him.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"So I just jumped on him, put a Rohan saddle on him and I rode him that day, immediately on camera. But he was very easy and relaxed and I just wanted Eurayus to have a buddy."

What a LAD.

And as for TJ, Mortensen explained: "I had no intention of buying a horse off of this movie. But with TJ, he was... I don't know, I just got to really, really like him. He's got such a unique, strong personality.

"He's a very small horse, you know, technically he's a pony. I mean he's about 14 hands 2, I guess. And 14 hands 3 and up is a horse and [anything] below [that] is a pony, technically.

Credit: The Lord of the Rings/New Line Cinema
Credit: The Lord of the Rings/New Line Cinema

"He's a small horse, but very intelligent, very quick learner, for a stallion very relaxed on the set. He wasn't afraid or worried about the lights, camera, or anything. He was totally calm."

So if it's not already clear, it will be now - Viggo Mortensen reeeeally loves a good ol' horse or two.

Maybe he will come back for the TV version of The Lord of the Rings, which Amazon has confirmed will hit our screens for five seasons.

A LOTR fan site has claimed that the forthcoming show could start with a young Aragorn, so the 59-year-old actor might be unlikely to reprise the role - but we reckon something could always be done if there's a trusty steed knocking around.

Featured Image Credit: The Lord of the Rings/New Line Cinema

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