Why Didn't Drogon Kill Jon Snow In Game Of Thrones?



Game of Thrones - completed it mate. It's over. Done and dusted. At a dead end - finito.

We don't quite know how to feel just yet but one thing has stuck - why TF did Drogon not kill Jon Snow after he stabbed his aunt/lover to death?

In episode five we watched on as Daenerys Targaryen quickly transformed into the 'Mad Queen'. After years of being a beacon of hope she lost the plot and spent the next 30 minutes of the episode destroying everyone and everything in King's Landing.


Anyway, fast forward to the grand finale and we watched on in shock as Jon told Dany: "You are my queen. Now and always." They had a cheeky snog and BAM. Dany's dead as a dodo.

Then came along her last remaining dragon, Drogon, who figured out what has happened and for some reason, he didn't retaliate...

Why did Drogon not retaliate? Credit: HBO
Why did Drogon not retaliate? Credit: HBO

Because Drogon is, well, a dragon - he doesn't talk (because that would be way too unrealistic) so it's not completely clear as to what was going on in his mind when he stumbled up on the pair.

Marie Claire suggested that Drogon might have left Jon alone because he is Aegon Targaryen, making him able to ride and rule dragons. Therefore the beast might not have been able to burn Jon because of his royal blood.

Another explanation is that the dragon realised that it was the throne itself that made Dany do what she did in episode five so he decided to take his anger out on that instead and oh boy did he do that.

The final reason could be that he'd just had enough of killing once his queen had gone and decided to ride and die with her instead - Fast and Furious style.

Drogon made sure he finished the throne off before he left. Credit: HBO
Drogon made sure he finished the throne off before he left. Credit: HBO

The moment Drogan found Dany did tug at some heartstrings over on Twitter as well.

One person wrote: "Drogan trying to wake up Dany that moment destroyed my heart," another added: "Not gonna lie drogon trying to wake Dany up ripped my heart right out of my chest".

Others compared the incident to something similar in Lion King, one person said: "Drogon trying to wake Dany had the same energy as Simba trying to wake Mufasa."

Will we ever get our head around this?

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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