Mum-Of-Three Lifts Can Of Beans With Her Vagina Live On 'This Morning'

Viewers about to tuck into a quick lunch of beans on toast were in for a bit of a shock earlier today, as This Morning featured a woman who is able to lift a tin of beans using just the muscles in her vagina.

Kirsty Wright, a mother of three, says she has the strongest vagina in the UK and is encouraging other women to get in on the action through the use of jade eggs, which she credits with giving her super-strong lady parts.

Credit: ITV/This Morning
Credit: ITV/This Morning

Speaking to hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Kirsty said that she took up running after the birth of her third child but ended up wetting herself, spurring her to try out Kegel pelvic floor exercises (ask your mum).

However, she says the Kegel exercises weren't having much of an impact.

"I was doing Kegels but nothing was happening so one day I met this amazing woman in Waitrose," she shared.

"She just had a baby who was about one month old and said: 'Have you heard of the jade egg?'"

I'm not going to lie, I have never been so grateful that I can't afford to shop in Waitrose, if this is the sort of conversation that goes on while you're trying to pick up some Coco Pops and toilet paper.

Credit: ITV/This Morning
Credit: ITV/This Morning

Anyway, after her highly personal chat with a total stranger in a supermarket, Kirsty went home and did a bit of research and it was here she came across a Siberian woman who was 'swinging all kinds of things' from her vagina.

Rather than close the tab and vow to stay off-line for a few days, Kirsty reached out to the woman and asked her more about it.

She then began training her vagina using the heavy jade egg on a string. I do want to make a 'do you even lift' joke here, but I won't. You can make up your own.

Kirsty explained: "Vaginas are amazing; they are flexible. Vagina muscles are squeezing to hold that in."

She then showed off her strength in a clip showing her swinging a 250g jar of Marmite, before switching to a tin of baked beans and finally a 2kg bag.

Describing the exercises, she said: "Imagine you're sipping a cocktail through your back passage.

"Pull up, relax a little bit, down." Got that?

Kirsty added that since using the eggs she's experienced better orgasms, not to mention perfecting one hell of a party trick.

Meanwhile, Eamonn looked on as though he's wondering just how his life got to this point. I know that look, because I'm doing a similar one right now.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/This Morning

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