Are Celebrity Booze Brands Actually Any Good?

Some celebrities will endorse anything won't they?

Soft drinks. Perfume. Noodles. Some famous folk will put their name to any old tat in exchange for a few quid.

Pele and erectile dysfunction medicine. JLS and condoms. Everywhere you look, you're being flogged stuff off the back of a famous name.

However, booze is big business. And some proper A listers have steamed into the drinks market in order to grab a slice of the pisshead pie.

But are they any good? Or just hastily thrown together with as much care and love as your baggage at Manchester Airport in order to get you to part with your hard-earned cash?

We pitted some of the biggest names against each other to see if they're worth the fuss. And because it was New Year's Eve yet we're STILL IN THE OFFICE.

Virginia Black American Whisky (Drake)

Drake's Virginia Black Whisky
Drake's Virginia Black Whisky

Packaging: looks expensive. Classy. "Is it Victoria Beckham?" someone asks. Would look good in your drinks cabinet.

Taste: Smooth, like the man himself. Toffee notes. Not a bad effort at all.

Value: At £38.99 it ain't especially cheap, but it's decent enough to justify the price tag.

Haig Club Whisky (David Beckham)

Haig Club
Haig Club

Packaging: Blue, Very blue. Visually distracting, like Beckham himself. Is this to put you off what's inside? "It looks like a giant bottle of aftershave."

Taste: Not great - definitely not one for the purist. Single grain scotch, aged in bourbon casks, according to the bottle, but not much depth here, suggesting they've skimped on both. There's no easy way to say this, but it looks, and smells, like wee. Weak.

Value: At £35 for a litre, it's an own goal from Becks.

Aviation Gin (Ryan Reynolds)

Aviation Gin
Aviation Gin

Packaging: Simple, clean, classy. "Looks like a massive mouthwash bottle." Oh Sorry Ryan. I thought it was kind of cool and art deco, but there you go.

Taste: Refined, not overpowering. Clean. A good effort.

Value: At £29.50 for 70cl it's going up against he established names - and it definitely holds its own. Stay classy Ryan.

Peaky Blinders Whisky

Peaky Blinders booze
Peaky Blinders booze

Packaging: The bottle looks heavy. Like it would be good in a bar fight. Other than that, 'a bit tacky' was the office verdict.'

Taste: No. Just no. Immediately harsh, then immediately nothing. I hate to say this, but mix it with coke.

Value: It's £22 for 70cl, which the Shelby's might actually kneecap the makers for. Worth it for novelty value, but not a lot else.

Crystal Head Vodka (Dan Ackroyd)

Crystal Head vodka
Crystal Head vodka

Packaging: Everyone likes a skull. 'A collectable' and 'a standout in the drinks cabinet' according to the team here.

Taste: I got drunk on vodka at 15 and sprayed it all over Paula Raynard's spare bedroom, so I will always associate it with that. Crystal Head is really clean and clear though. Not harsh. Actually enjoyable. A cut above your supermarket shelf stackers.

Value: It's £38.95 for 70cl, and it's definitely up there with the premium vodka brands. Who you gonna call? Erm, Dan Ackroyd?

Ambham Tequila (Chris Noth AKA Mr Big from Sex And The City)

Ambhar tequila
Ambhar tequila

Packaging: Why is there a trinket hanging off it? 'I was expecting a bit more class from Mr Big.' Quite. Noth bought into this award-winning brand rather than inventing it though, so he clearly likes a trinket.

Taste: 'Ooh, it's bitter,' according to our tequila taster. Just like when Carrie dumped him in SATC. I imagine. The Añejo (100% Blue Agave) is better - a bit oaky but a 'proper' tequila otherwise. Aged in oak whiskey barrels from the Jack Daniels distillery for at least 2 years, it says here. It's got awards hanging off it too, so would be our pick.

Value: Anywhere from £30 to £80 a bottle but the Agave is definitely the standout and worth your time and money, if you think tequila is for sipping rather than shots.

The verdict:

A cloose call at the top, but the podium positions go to Drake, Reynolds and Ackroyd. Good effort lads. Becks - you're in for extra training.

Simon Binns

Social editorial lead at LADBible. Former CityLife editor at the Manchester Evening News and journalist for the BBC, The Guardian and loads of places you've never heard of.

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