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We all know that wonderful feeling of opening our advent calendar one day at a time (or eating all of them in one session, if you're anything like us), but has anyone else ever noticed that the chocolate seems to taste better than normal chocolate? If you don't think it tastes better, it certainly tastes different, and apparently there are a few reasons for this.

According to Mental Floss, the size and shape of the chocolate makes a difference, as well as the fact that we're only treated to one a day.


The pieces are bite-size, mostly with rounded corners and an embossed shape on top. This means it melts pretty quickly when it's on your tongue, and your tastebuds will get an intense chocolatey taste.

Also, as you generally continue eating piece after piece with normal chocolate bars (we're not judging), with Advent calendars you know you're only getting one piece per day, so most people often savour the moment.


Lastly, if you've ever thought that the chocolate in most calendars is cheap, you'd be completely on the money. It's actually compound chocolate, which means it's made with cheaper fats than cocoa butter. Compound chocolate is much easier to work into moulds, hence why it's perfect for the little boxes. It has slightly different flavour and texture than most other chocolate, again adding to why it seems so different.

So there you have it!

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