There is nothing better than life than pizza. Pizza is ambrosia from the gods. It is deliciously cheesy and you don't need to use a knife and fork to eat it. Double plus points. And if you order it, then you don't have to do any washing up.

And we all like free things. So free pizza is heaven.

So if you want a free pizza, then read on. For a limited time only, Domino's has a special deal online. If you spend more than £10, you get your cash back. I've no idea what's in it for them, but now is not the time to be asking questions. Now is the time to order pizza.

Basically all you have to do is choose your pizza and order it through Quidco and you can get up to £15 back.

Credit: Twitter

All you have to do is to submit your receipt before the offer ends.

There's a catch though. There always is! You have to be a new user of the money-saving site.

But the good news is that Domino's all over the country are participating so wherever you are in the UK, you can take part. But there's only 2,000 redemptions up for grabs. That means 2,000 free pizzas are waiting for you!

Well I know what I'm having for dinner tonight. I'll be happily waiting for the pizza delivery person with a hangry stomach.

But at least I'm a pretty normal (if hungry) customer. In Dublin, at Firehouse Pizza, one customer wanted a Cajun chicken and chorizo pizza. Fair enough, sounds like a good combo to me. But he also very cheekily asked for the delivery person to bring him something else...

How shameless do you have to be to ask for free loo roll?! Or is that particular mix of meat destined to give you the runs??! Amazingly, the extra-nice delivery person Chloe actually brought him the toilet paper.

Wow, talk about going the extra mile for your customers.

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