Mystery 'Durr Burger' Spotted In Californian Desert

Greasy Groves' very own mascot burger, the 'Durr Burger', was recently spotted in a desert just outside of Paldale, California.

Interestingly, the burger was sucked out of the game by an in-game portal, the portals which have been appearing in the game have the power to suck up anything in their reach.

The initial discovery of the real-life 'Durr Burger' was by photographer Sela Shiloni, who claimed he has never played Fortnite and genuinely didn't have a clue what he was looking at.

Credit: Fortnite
Credit: Fortnite

Shorty after the real-life burger's appearance, a mysterious agent began handing out business cards near the burger's location. The business cards had a phone number which when called would play the sounds coming from the in-game portal.

Twitter user A2K_Kilo claims they were handed one of the many business cards given out by the mystery man and supposedly got a few snaps of him. He also identified the exact location of the 'Durr Burger' as 15160 E Ave S, Llano, CA 93544. So if any of you Fortnite fans happen to find yourselves in Paldale be sure to pay the 'Durr Burger' a visit.

Furthermore, a Reddit user has claimed to have uncovered some of the mystery behind the anonymous agent and his cards. The user posted: "Agent 3678 was handing out cards at the Durr Burger today...3-6-7-8 on your phone number pad spells F-O-R-T. Where is agent 6483?"

Now, although this doesn't really answer any questions as to why the agent was handing the cards out, it still seems cool that Epic Games would go through the trouble of arranging a life-sized 'Durr Burger', accompanied by a mysterious agent to start some healthy online discussions prior to the release of season 5.

Another Reddit user has decoded the audio which plays. A user by the name of 'legeoandmars' figured out that 067 is APC code for 'c', he also figured out the 000111 is binary for the number 7.

C7 is the location of Greasy Grove, home of the 'Durr Burger'. These clues laid out by Epic Games could possibly lead to something big in season 5 of the game, which is set to release on July 12th.

The 'Durr Burger' isn't the only thing to be sucked in by the mystery portals, players have noticed a number of objects disappearing since the conclusion of last Saturday's blast off event, so does this mean more of the game's missing objects could appear in real life?

Featured Image Credit: Fortnite

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