Grand Theft Auto's Mount Chiliad Mystery Has 'Sort Of' Been Solved

There have always been mysteries that befall gamers when playing any of the Grand Theft Auto games.

Those mysteries have differed in severity, as in the likes of Vice City and San Andreas they were in the form of Easter Eggs and collectibles. Fast forward to the present and to GTA V, and similar Easter Eggs are still there, but there are a few extra trails to follow.

One of the main things that a lot of people were quick to check out was the elusive jet pack. People thought that because the game was returning to San Andreas, where Carl Johnson flew around on a jet pack all those years ago, it'd be back again.

Sadly, no one could find it, but it was at some point put into the coding of the game. However, it's pretty conclusive that, at the moment, it's impossible to get.

But there's another thing many people have pondered over, and that's Mount Chiliad.

Credit: Rockstar

At the tip of the mountain, where the cable car station lies, there is a map with a number of symbols on it, including an eye at the top known as the Eye of Providence, or the All Seeing Eye.

Many assumed it'd be something to do with aliens, citing the eye as a UFO.

A group called the Chiliad Mystery Guru Team have 'sort of' solved the mystery, the Metro reports.

The recent Rockstar 'Gunrunning update' came which apparently opened up a number of live event triggers, which the team of hackers were able to play about with and manipulate the code to set it off manually.

They found that there was an extra mission where players have to go and steal supplies from a crashed UFO as they fight off aliens, before returning the cargo to a bunker.

This doesn't fully solve the mystery, as it's reportedly impossible to access the mission in real game play.

Credit: Chiliad Mystery Guru/Rockstar

It was previously found that after 100 percent completion of the game, when there's a storm and it's 3am, a UFO appears above the observation deck. The Gunrunning update could possibly be the creation of this new supply mission which has a connection to that UFO.

On the GTA Myths Wiki site, it says: "The mystery behind UFOs, the Underwater Hatch and the possibility of a jetpack in the game may be on the verge of being solved.

"Players have partially overlaid the vertical cutaway map of the mountain displayed on the wall of the cable car station on top of the northern reaches of the in-game map and certain areas of interest seem to line-up with markings on the diagram on the wall."

How many fucking layers does GTA V have? It's never ending.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar

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