A photo of Alex Turner taking part in what looks like MMA or Thai boxing training has turned up online and no one knows what to think.

The Arctic Monkeys' frontman looks pretty happy with himself in the photos, so maybe he's discovered a new calling...?

The photo popped up on Twitter after being shared by a fan... a fan who seemed slightly confused about the whole thing.

Still, a little more context is always useful:

It turns out Alex was doing some fitness training in New York, as Instagram user @mcmahon_pj explained.

He wrote: "Always great when these legends are in town! Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys and The last shadow puppets. Zach Dawes of The Last shadow puppets came in and destroyed the pads!!"

When the original image was posted on Twitter, most people couldn't believe it was actually him, and I totally get that, because I'm sort of in the same boat.

Especially since he's grown that beard and doesn't really look like himself anymore.

Some took it a lot worse than others:

And after all that, it looks like Turner's just getting himself in shape. Still, I honestly hope with all my heart he's planning a totally new career as a fighter. Maybe get him for Conor McGregor's next fight?

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