Kacey Musgraces Drank Tequila From Glass Slipper After Melbourne Fans Wanted Her To Do A Shoey

The shoey is one of those classic things that Australians do that people elsewhere around the world are seemingly repulsed by.

Sure, chugging a beer from your dirty, greasy, sweaty shoe might sound disgusting, but you can't help but to feel proud of your country when you complete a shoey and wipe the beer from your beaming smile.

However when international acts come to our shores, they are still confronted with the gross idea of drinking from a shoe.

Country singer Kacey Musgraves experienced that recently when she was in Sydney doing a gig. Naturally, in between songs she was asked to chug a drink from someone who lifted their country boot into the air.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

She adamantly refused the offer, calling it 'disgusting' however the crowd persisted.

The Grammy award winner yelled at her Sydney fans: "That's disgusting. I'm not fucking drinking out of your shoe. You could have athlete's foot or something."

She eventually launched into her next song.

But for her Melbourne supporters, she decided to come prepared. When people started the shoey chant, she turned her back and came back with a glass slipper and did a shot of tequila from it.

We guess this can qualify for a shoey - a classy one albeit.

Video surfaced on social media and the singer reposted it saying: "Take that, ya savages."

People went wild over the up market shoey, with one person saying: "You can take a girl outta the south, but you can't take the south outta the girl."

Another wrote: "Never seen anyone down tequila so eloquently."

It's certainly a welcome change from some of her Aussie fans who were just as disgusted as she was that people would even suggest the country singer drink from a shoe.

People reacted with horror on social media when the boot was thrust into the air.

One person said: "Kacey Musgraves refusing a shoey because obviously she is doing that and doing a shoey is the dumbest thing."

Another added: "Don't you dare think you can demand Kacey Musgraves to do a shoey! That behaviour is tacky and not cute at the same time."

There are tons of international acts coming to Australia this year, let's see who we can get to do it next.

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