Logan Paul Is Back To His Old Tricks After Going In On The Tide Pod Challenge

Logan Paul has returned to his old ways by weighing in on the Tide Pod Challenge.

In recent weeks we have learnt that Logan Paul is as thick as three short planks. He himself learnt it the hard way when he made a controversial video, in which he seemed to make a load of jokes about some poor Japanese bloke who had taken his own life in the famous 'suicide forest' - Aokigahara forest in Japan.

That ill-advised stunt led to him being dropped by several sponsors and got him into trouble with YouTube, which is a pretty big deal if you are a YouTuber.

Since then he has produced a simpering video in which he looks at the effects of suicide and suicide attempts whilst also trying to get everyone to forgive him - presumably because he was losing millions of dollars.

Now he's put his foot in it again by getting involved in the latest stupid internet craze - eating Tide Pods.

If you aren't familiar with this (lucky you) it is a joke that has gone too far, where people are supposed to bite into and swallow Tide Pods, capsules of clothes washing detergent that look a bit like they could be a sweet.

This is, of course, dumb as hell. Don't eat them you idiots, please. Funnily enough, the kinds of chemicals that clean all sorts of stuff off your clothes are also pretty bad for your insides - who would have thought it?

Paul tweeted: "Swallowing 1 tide pod per retweet"

While it is probably OK to say how stupid it is to eat a washing tablet is, you'd have to be a special kind of dumb to weigh in on a fad that could prove fatal to people who try it, just after making your return from having taken the piss out of some poor guy who had taken his own life.

Well, the internet wasn't happy.

One Twitter user tweeted: "Joking about suicide again I see".

OK, we get it - it's just a joke, but it's a pretty dumb joke after you've just tried to bring yourself back from joking about suicide. Nice going, moron.

Luckily, fellow YouTuber KSI is on hand to sort the problem out for us, by boxing Paul's ears. He just fought another online star, Joe Weller at London's Copper Box Arena the other night, and has called out Logan Paul and his brother Jake.

After his fight he said he would take on "Jake Paul, Logan Paul, any of the Pauls".

He continued: "I felt like Logan needs a slap anyway, and I just don't like Jake's content so he probably needs a slap too.

"They both need slaps so it makes sense for me to call them out and for us to get in the boxing ring and we can scrap."

Bring it on.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Tom Wood

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