Seth Rogen Rips Donald Trump Jr On Twitter After Sliding Into His DMs

Donald Trump Jr thought it was strange that some of the big wig late-night TV hosts weren't talking about the Harvey Weinstein allegations, but specifically wanted Jimmy Kimmel to address it, rather than focus on his dad's latest gaffe as President of the United States.

So, Kimmel took up the offer, but delivered a cruel blow to the American leader in the process, saying: "People are pointing to the fact that Harvey Weinstein was a Clinton supporter. I'm not defending Hillary Clinton. The fact is, her campaign did take money from what turned out to be a high-profile man who's been accused of sexual harassment multiple times.

"And not just one of them, by the way. She took money from two of them: Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump, who donated to Hillary's campaign in 2008. So, anyway, note to DJTJ, next time you're defending your father and you think it's a good idea to draw a comparison between him and a freshly-accused sexual predator? Don't. It doesn't help. It really doesn't."

While it was a decent burn on national TV, it wasn't as personal as it could be. Actor Seth Rogen decided to take it a step further, by sending Donald Trump Jr a DM on Twitter to make sure he heard the message loud and clear.

The Pineapple Express actor wrote: "Hey dude! See you're going pretty hard at us 'Hollywood' types. I agree Harvey Weinstein is a piece of shit and people should speak against him. But... Are you aware your father has been accused of sexual harassment by several women and even admitted to sexual assault on tape? Maybe you should denounce that?

"Just a thought man! Have a good one!"


He was referring to the now infamous audio tape that was released during last year's election campaign, where Trump was heard boasting about groping women without their consent as well as saying: "Grab them by the pussy."

People on social media thought it was the exact level of savagery.

But it's not the first time Seth has sent the President's son a direct message on Twitter.

He wrote in February: "Hey man! It's Seth. Your father is trying to discredit our media, collude with Russia, and destroy the environment. It would be super cool of you to be like 'yo, dad, why don't you stop all this and go back to being just a guy on TV.' The majority of the world would be pretty psyched. Thanks!!!"

There hasn't been any official response from Donald Trump Jr on either of the messages, but he'll need a good one to top Rogan's.

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Stewart Perrie

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